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How to get apartment with bad credit


Getting an Apartment with Bad Credit is possible

It sounds like second nature when people tell you as a matter of fact that getting an apartment with bad credit is impossible. Well, we say, it is not. Our record shows that anything is possible for those who think beyond the usual. Speaking of the usual, some landlords have watched good business pass them by just because they followed ‘the usual’ or the conventional way of doing things. For now, though, some have seen the light and are using their entrepreneurial instincts and good judgment to tap good business from people seeking to rent an apartment with bad credit but who happen to have poor reports from the credit bureaus.

Getting an Apartment with Bad Credit is Possible

How we ensure you get an apartment with bad credit

We want to see your full

credit report and not a sneak preview. And what’s the reason? That is because we are able to poke holes in that report. It is not always that your credit report is accurate. And you are often too stressed up about your situation to read between the lines. So equipped with your full credit report, we shall identify any erroneous reporting according to the information we have gathered from you and then we draft a fitting explanation to go with the report. For your information, the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to contest the accuracy of your report and even add your own explanation in summary form when you don’t have the time to haggle.

Some expenses on your credit report that we shall render redundant

Our charges for getting you a no credit check apartment are cost effective. Inquire today for your free quote.

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