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Make APPLE ID without Credit Card

Apple ID is the username that is used for doing everything in Apple. Apple iTunes, iCloud, Apple online store, iBook and etc are done with the help of Apple ID. Simply saying Apple ID is the access point to all software or the apps that is used in Apple devices. The need of using Apple ID is to certify the delivering of apple features at best to its customers. The services deliver by Apple Inc. is a way of money making through the Apple ID. So it is better if we can have Apple ID free. Then we don't need to pay for Apple ID.


Free Apple IDs that are available in net aren't that much clever enough tho fulfill our wishes. So we have to have a working Apple ID for our apple device. In order to get an Apple ID we have to buy them. But all don’t posses the ability to buy them. So we need to have free Apple ID. To generate free Apple ID you have to follow the following steps.


  1. First download iTunes.
  2. Then install the file downloaded.
  3. After that quit


  4. Then click the following link.
  5. Now click on “download free song on iTunes”.
  6. Now you will see a code like this.
  • Now click on “get it free on iTunes”.
  • After that iTunes will open automatically.
  • Then click on “redeem” on left side of the iTunes.
  • Now create a new account.
  • Here you have to give your personal data as we do usual when creating an account.
  • Then you have to select the payment option (if you have a credit card then type the credit card no or if you don’t have one select “none”)

  • After filling the all information required a verify link will send to your email and then you have to log in to your email account and then verify the link.
  • Now you can enjoy Apple ID free. Now we have free Apple ID that can be utilized with iPad, iMac or any other Apple product. So we can visit the apple stores and can download the apps we need. Free Apple ID is now with you to enjoy the great work of Apple.
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