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How to get build a bear credits

how to get build a bear credits

Build-A-Bear Workshop Credit Card

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An online search shows that there is not a Build-A-Bear Workshop Credit Card. The company does have other rewards programs, however, that you can take advantage.

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Build-A-Bear Workshop Concept

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a company that offers the ability to make your own bear or other stuffed animal. There are retail stores all over the country and allow you and your kids to have an interactive experience.

There are over 30 stuffed animals to choose from, such as teddy bears, dogs, bunnies, and more. You can then personalize them with small sized outfits and accessories. You can also add a recorded message, a sound, or embroidery to further personalize it.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Rewards Program

Although there is not a specific credit card related to Build-A-Bear,

the company offers a program similar to what you would receive from a rewards credit card .

When you become a member of the rewards club called Stuff Fur Stuff, you earn 1 point with every dollar that you spend. After you reach 100 points, you will be rewarded with a $10 certificate that you can spend at the store.

The company also offers other bonus offers in which you can earn more points. When it is the month of your birthday, or the birthday month of your family members, you earn 1.5 points instead of the normal 1 point.

The Stuff Fur Stuff rewards program is free to join but there are certain conditions. In order to be a member of the club you need to be 13 years old or older. The reward certificates expire after 6 months and if the account has been inactive for 2 years or more, the points rewarded up to that point will expire.

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To compare credit cards you can use the credit card chaser on this page to see rates and terms.

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