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How to get cable with bad credit

how to get cable with bad credit

How to Get Comcast TV & Internet with Bad Credit

Comcast is known for requiring many people to pay a deposit for TV and internet service, even long-time customers who simply want to transfer their service to a new address. If you have bad credit, you can count on a deposit. The good news? Comcast now offers prepaid TV and Internet services in many markets across the country. Here's what you need to know about Comcast service.

Comcast Credit Check Policy

Comcast will require a credit check and sometimes a deposit for new customers and customers who have less than 6 months of payment history who want to add new service. Many customers have also reported that credit checks were required for new service when they move, even after they have been a customer for many years.

Comcast must perform a credit check to prevent identity theft. The credit check will also determine whether you need to pay a deposit. It seems the company will check your credit with Equifax. The only time a credit check is not required is if you are installing Limited Basic or Internet Essentials services.

If you are required to pay the deposit, you can pay the full amount. The full deposit amount will be applied to your balance after 12 months, as long as your account has been in good standing for the last 6 months. Comcast considers your account in good standing if you have no soft disconnects or pending disconnects for non-payment.

In some areas, you are allowed to skip the credit check if you are willing to pay a higher deposit.

When Do You Need a Deposit?

The requirements to avoid a deposit seem fairly unclear, but the following can make you

much more likely to require a deposit:

    Moving to a new city or state A good credit score but no credit accounts No history with a telecommunications company Limited or no credit history Requesting a HD setup A history of not returning equipment (such as collections from another communications company or television provider) Collections, charge-offs or high credit utilization on your credit report

Comcast Prepaid TV & Internet

Last year, Comcast began testing a prepaid Internet service, which has no been expanded nationally and also includes TV service. Rather than signing a contract and getting a credit check, the Xfinity Internet Prepaid service gives you one week of Internet for $15 or a full month for $45 for 3mbps speeds. You need to buy the modem for $25 but you will not have monthly fees.

Xfinity prepaid TV has a one-time $69.95 fee (plus shipping and taxes), which includes shipping you everything you need to get set up, such as the remote, access code, digital adapter and coaxial cables. Once you receive your starter kit, you connect the digital adapter and activate service.

When the initial 30 days is up, you can refill your account by credit, debit or prepaid card you buy at Refill options are 7 days for $15 or 30 days for $45. Channels include CBS, ABC, CNN, E. FOX, BET, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and more.

The service targets consumers who have bad credit, are a credit risk, had their Comcast service disconnected for non-payment or do not have a bank account. If you have bad credit and you only want Internet service, the prepaid plan -- while very expensive for the speed -- may be a good option while you rebuild your credit.

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