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how to get cherry credits

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Earn cherry points for doing what you already do

With your NEW Vodafone Cherry Points, the choice of the latest accessories, free credit or even a new phone is yours. Just sign up online and let your cherry points build up until something irresistible is within reach and then you can pick it for free.

Cherry Points Vodafone


Yes I was thinking what way would the points actually work out? but here's a quick quote from Vodafone website.

Plus, there’ll be lots of special offers and promotions where you’ll be able to earn extra cherry points. If you sign up today you’ll get 20 welcome cherry

points to help you get started.

Then next summer, when our giveaways are stocked up and ready to go, you can swap your cherry points for some amazing rewards. For example, free top up or accessories from 150 points . free pay as you go phones or mobile broadband modems from 500 points - or you can keep saving your points towards a smartphone. The more points you collect, the bigger reward you can choose.'' So I'm gussing that 100 points equals €10 off any item when your able to get them next summer, So if any of ye want New Iphone ya'll want have ''probley'' around 5,000 cherry points. Better get started ha.

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