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How to get credit card info

how to get credit card info

Don't store the credit card info in the session, don't store it to a database, don't store it to a file. Instead, write the cc info back to the review page in a hidden html inputs.

So the program flow would work like this:

  1. User posts payment and billing information to the server via an html form.
  2. Server verifies that this information is in the correct format (i.e. credit card has the appropriate number of digits, a billing address was entered, etc.)
  3. After verification the server writes back all the information submitted as hidden form input fields. This includes billing address, shipping address and credit card info.
  4. The form on the review page (with the hidden input fields) has a button labeled "Finish Order" / "Complete Order". This review form posts to the finalize order script.
  5. The finalize script stores billing/shipping info in your database and submits the credit card info to your payment gateway.

The advantages of

this method are two-fold:

  1. You save the overhead and cost of additional PCI compliance that is required when storing credit info.
  2. This method stays within the security bounds of the SSL protocol. Meaning, encrypted credit card info will have to be submitted to your server in any instance - this method continues to rely solely on the efficacy of SSL, without introducing the complexities of persisting credit card data.

This last point raises another concern - by having a review page you're doubling the number of times the encrypted credit card data is being transmitted across the network. With this method there are 4 transmissions minimum: client to server, server to client, client to server (again) then server to gateway. Without review there are 2 transmissions minimum: client to server and server to gateway. Is the convenience of a review page worth the risk of extra transmissions? That's a decision you as a web developer (and your client) get to make.

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