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How to get credits

how to get credits

Things You'll Need

Create a Character and Earn Credits

Visit Poptropica to help your child create an account if he doesn't have one already. Click "New Player" from the main screen.

Create a new character by choosing your child's age and gender. Have your child design the unique character by selecting physical characteristics and clothing..

Use the mouse to guide the new character into the hot air balloon and click "Enter Poptropica." Select any island from the map and begin playing.

Click the "Save" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen at any time during the game. Enter a user ID and password so that you can return to game play and track the number of available credits.

Beat any island on Poptropica

to receive credits. Each conquered island is worth 100 free credits and new islands are regularly added for more credit-earning opportunities.

Purchase Membership or Credits

Go to the Membership and Credits page of the Poptropica website to purchase credits or a membership that allows your child access to all items from the Poptropica Stores.

Select the number of credits or length of membership that you want to buy. Credits are sold in packs of 500. Membership is available for one, three or six months.

Click "Buy Now" and provide your child's username and password. Enter the credit card information, as well as your email address. Check the box to agree to the terms of use. Click "Submit" to add credits to your account and start spending!

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