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How to get Free Credits on Poptropica 2013

Everyone always says that there are no free ways to get credits on Poptropica. That is not entirely true. There are a few ways to get free credits that you might already know about but there are also a few that you may not know about. Below I will explain most of the ways to get free credits without having to hack the game or be liable to get your account closed down.

The easiest and most popular way of getting some credits on Poptropica is simply completing all the islands within the game. There are currently 32 islands featured on the game right now but Poptropica is always adding new ones. So how many credits do you get from

completing an island within the game? Well each time you get done with an island your account gets 100 credits put into it! How awesome is that?

So how else can you get credits for free? Well there are two mini games that you can play that when finished, you get free credits. The two mini games called Earth Day and Haunted House both give you 50 credits after you play them. So in total, if you were to complete all 32 islands and play both mini games you would get 3300 free credits!

So what are you waiting for? Go play the mini games and complete the islands within Poptropica today!

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