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Individuals and employers can access Unemployment Insurance (UI) services by accessing resources on this website, by phone or by using Contact UI .

Employers can obtain information about their role in the UI program as well as how to complete UI forms. Some other useful employer resources include:

  • A guide developed specifically for employers entitled Managing Unemployment Insurance Costs, DE 4527 .
  • Information developed specifically for the employer community such as how to fill a job opening and understanding the employment status of a worker is available at Employer Services .
  • A list of UI toll-free phone numbers. Use one of the toll-free numbers to hear general employer information or to speak to a Department representative if you have questions or concerns about UI services.

Individuals who are interested in filing a new UI claim or filing for extended benefits can use one of the applications on this website or call our UI toll-free phone numbers.

To reopen an existing claim or obtain detailed payment and claim information, use UI Online SM For added convenience, UI Online Mobile SM is available for smartphone and tablet users. Information about your most recent UI payment as well as other EDD services is also available by calling the UI Self-Service Phone Line . To obtain this information:

  • A claim must have been filed.
  • For UI Online SM services, you must be registered and have established a Username and Password.
  • For phone services, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) must have been created.

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