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How to get extra high school credits

how to get extra high school credits


Best Answer: Colleges are looking for students that are driven. Don't take classes because they'll look good--enrich yourself in something you really enjoy OR take classes to FIND what you really enjoy. Either of these looks better than taking stuff you have zero interest in because you think it will look good. You will speak with more maturity and enthusiasm if you take the route I suggested--and they want to know that you learned something that added to you as a whole in a meaningful way.

And excel at the classes you take. Don't overload yourself only to come home with a C in everything.

Have a life and get involved in the things that you enjoy. Do you enjoy writing? Then join the school newspaper or (and?) write for the local paper for free.

Broaden the depth of the things you love and you will look like what you are: someone who embraces something fully and seeks out ways to fulfill what you want. In the end, they'll know that if you want a college degree, you're going to throw yourself into that as well. And when you complete your degree, you're going to throw yourself into something meaningful, too. Believe it or not, colleges worry about the type of adult they're going to produce--because you're going to say "I went to XYZ" and that's a reflection on them and the best marketing for the types of people they want to attract.

Colleges are no longer looking for just A students. They are looking for responsible, driven students who enjoy learning (about anything!). Show them that, and you'll have WAY fewer problems.

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