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Get bonus International calling credit of 100% by Localphone

how to get free calling credit

Thanks to the newer technologies which now provide really cheap and easy international calling. Leave all those monthly phone calling cards or payment plans and enjoy some brilliant free calling service. We recently posted about Rebtel’s 100% bonus voucher  and now another major VoIP service provider is here with a bonus calling credit offer exclusively for our readers. Localphone is one of the best international calling service which provides you cheaper international calls at almost local prices. They have offered readers of CorVoIP  a 100% Bonus international calling credit on first purchase of up to $5.

Note: You need to add the voucher code FCHJULY2012 to get your free credit. Once you have registered and logged in to your account, you can click on add credit and at that screen you will need to add this voucher code.

VoIP has changed the face of calling

In this fast developing world nothing is impossible. Communication is also a subject under tremendous development these days. You can communicate with your loved ones in just a few minutes for pennies. Isn’t it cool? The number of migrating people increases day by day. Earlier what used to happen was you were unable to be in touch with your dear ones back home but now the story is radically different. The problem was international calls used to be more expensive that it was still quite difficult to contact anyone. However, now you can communicate with your close friends, family

members, relatives far from your physical reach.

How to use Localphone for international calling

Depending upon your location and conditions, there are a number of ways to make international calls with Localphone.

    The first and foremost step is creating a free account Then enter your respective phone number and setup your contacts After you finish hit the dial button on your phone and enjoy

How it works is, it generates different local numbers for international route at low prices. You only need to download the localphone internet phone, free of cost. The interesting thing is if the person you want to contact has already downloaded the Localphone software, then you can call for free without even the local prices being paid.

Features of Localphone

It is totally safe and secure with no hidden cost or connection fees like other monthly rental cards or plans. You must be wondering about the call quality isn’t it, because of the cheap rates for international calling? The quality of call is just brilliant and clear cut even though Localphone offers cheap international calls.

Features included in Localphone are as follows:

    international calling over wi-fi Viewing existing Localphone’s contacts and dialing in one click, add or delete contacts whenever you want. You can always check your balance.

Rates to the popular destinations

Here is a list of rates to popular destinations in the world.

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