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How to Earn Facebook Credits

how to get free cherry credits

The popular social networking website Facebook contains entertaining games and apps for its users to play. Many of the games contain virtual goods for purchase with virtual money called Facebook Credits. The standard way to obtain Facebook Credits is by paying for them with real money by various payment methods through Facebook. In May 2011, Facebook provided a new way to earn Facebook Credits: watching sponsored branded videos. As of that date, over 350 Facebook games use the Credits. Beginning July 1, 2011, all games on the Facebook platform require Credits.


Log into your Facebook account. Select "Account," located in the top-right corner of your Facebook page. Click on "Account Settings."

Click the "Payments" tab. Click "buy

more," located to the right of Credit Balance, to purchase Credits with major credit cards, through PayPal or by charging them to your cellphone bill.

To earn Credits by watching branded videos, enter your favorite game. Click on an icon in the game that says "Earn Free Credits." A video player opens. When it's over, you receive Credits in your account. You can spend your Credits in that game or in any game that takes Credits.

Spend Facebook Credits on actual tangible goods in a limited number of cities. The offers include burgers, bottles of wine and an introductory stand-up paddleboard lesson. Atlanta, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas and San Diego are the first cities to offer Facebook Credit deals.

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