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How to get free credit score online

how to get free credit score online


Best Answer: Your credit score used to be top secret information that only lending institutions are allowed to get a glimpse of. And even then, lenders can only see your score if you have applied for credit with them. That is how valuable your credit score is.

Now, with the passage of the new law governing credit scoring, a vital change has been made on how your credit score is to be released. Lenders are still allowed to check your score when you apply for a loan or a mortgage with them, but now, you can also see your own score.

This is a positive change, considering how you may get denied for credit and has no idea why. Since you can now view your own score, you can verify

whether or not the lender was justified in denying you credit or giving you a high interest rate on account of your score.

Even better news is that there are many websites that offer get credit score online for free. Not only can you easily access your credit scores, you can also get them for free. This is entirely for your benefit.

The three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) that are responsible for assigning credit scores to consumers based on information found in their credit reports charge a small fee whenever you request a copy of your credit score. In fact, the only time you can request for get credit score online for free from any of these credit reporting agencies is if you fall under the following categories:

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