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How to get free facebook credit

how to get free facebook credit

June 16, 2011

The Facebook Credits Economy

Facebook Credits Economy

Having a hard time in this economy bringing in the dollars? I know a few people who are putting serious time into earning Facebook credits which they can then spend instead of money on various things.

May 25, 2011

Facebook Gamers Buying Up Facebook Credits Like There's No Tomorrow

Facebook Credits

No bags or boxes are needed, but consumers are piling up virtual goods in social games with no slowdown in sight.

Never mind that it's real money being spent on fake stuff.

Gamers want the experience and they know what they're getting, says the CEO of Antic Entertainment, an independent game studio in London, Ont.

"They play the game and

when they buy, there's very little buyer's remorse," said Fredrik Liliegren, whose company has launched "Junk Wars" where gamers buy virtual parts to build their own combat vehicles.

"Junk Wars" players have spent as little as 10 cents and up to $160 on a part, Liliegren said.

Even though "Junk Wars," found on FaceBook and Kongregate, didn't meet revenue expectations, it pays for itself and Antic uses it as a marketing tool, Liliegren said. The company that he co-founded has two other free games in the works that will sell virtual goods, with one of them headed to FaceBook.

The other option is to win facebook credits by filling out surveys and playing games.

If you're a Facebook gamer find out more at the Facebook Credits Fanpage

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