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Free credits for Facebook Gifts with Terminator Salvation

how to get free gift credits on facebook

Pieter posted in "Hacks & tricks ". 6 years, 3 months ago

Facebook has officially launched its first gift with bonus credit. The Terminator Salvation gift, a mask of the T-800 robot, is a free gift promoting the new Terminator movie. Now when the Terminator Salvation gift is sent to a friend, the recipient will get a free credit to spend in Facebook’s gift shop.

Initially, 10 credits were bundled per gift (and it still says so on the gift page), but this number has been severely lowered to just 1 free credit. probably due to massive popularity.

But here’s the trick: you can send the gift multiple times to the same person, adding a maximum of 10 free credits to his or her

Facebook account .

  1. Click here  to give the Terminator Salvation gift with free Gifts credits.
  2. Click the T-800 mask.
  3. Enter the name of the person you want to spoil with free credits under “Choose your recipient”.
  4. Add a message (TIP. Paste a link to this page and ask the recipient to return the favor!)
  5. The method of delivery doesn’t matter, so send this gift anonymously and you won’t spam the recipient’s wall.
  6. Click continue and repeat steps 2-6 up to 10 times.

The promotion will end on May 29th. which means you’ll have to send the gift before that date. The free credits will probably not expire as soon.

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