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How does credit card processing work?

how credit card machine work

FBO Manager will automatically process your credit cards by eliminating your POS (Point of Sale Machine)!

The credit card add-on for FBO is meant to facilitate connections between FBO Manager and major aviation card and oil companies such as AVCARD, MultiService, Shell Aviation, AvFuel, Epic Aviation, and Ascent.

FBO Manager also offers an interface for regular bank card processing such as American Express, Visa, and MasterCard and Discover.

How does it work?

The credit card program authorizes a card by connecting to the internet specified in the authorization screen. When authorization is received, the sale is recorded and the transaction is left "open" for settlement later.

At the end of the day, you will use the settlement program to settle the credit card batch. You can run reports showing the authorized, un-unsettled transactions. The program will verify the transactions are in FBO Manager, have not been voided, and that the item detail adds to the total of the transaction.

Why use the Credit Card Add-On?

At FBO Manager we have recognized that simplifying your front desk interface is our most important priority. One task that every FBO has to deal with is processing credit cards. For just about every transaction, the FBO uses an electronic Point of Sale device (commonly called an e-POS, Verifone, or card processor).

FBO Manager eliminates the need for this device. Instead, you will need two new pieces of hardware on your computer:

Magnetic Card Reader Commonly called a "swiper". This device comes in several different forms. Most commonly, it is a small 1"x3" device that connects to the PC's keyboard port. The keyboard then plugs into the swiper cable. A second type of device has the mag-reader built right into the keyboard.

By eliminating the e-POS, most likely save monies on lease fees for the machine. FBO Manager will also eliminate the

redundant step of recording credit card data in both FBO Manager and then again on the e-POS. Thus, you have combined your front desk software with the credit card processing and then pass all of the data into your accounting software.

What do I do next?

If you a fueler and are branded by Ascent, AvFuel, Epic, Shell, we can automatically process your credit cards. You'll need a magnetic swipe reader (about $50 to $100). With these two items and FBO Manager, we can ELIMINATE your electronic POS machine (e-POS, Veriphone, Onmi, etc.). During a sale transaction, FBO Manager will prompt you for the payment method. You can choose Cash, Check, Account or Credit Card. Selecting credit card will take you to a screen that will allow you to swipe or manually key the card number. Next, just click "Transmit" and FBO Manager connects to your processor network. At the end of the day, you use a special program we have developed to settle the batch.

I am a Flight School - What do I do?

Flight school functionality is very similar to the above. Our partner AHT Services offers Flight Schools Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Just like above, when processing a rental transaction you will be prompted for the payment type and will choose "Credit Card".

Do other software companies process credit cards?

We can only verify our own status regarding credit cards and list for you the dates of certification. Before processing cards, each vendor must go through a certification process. Also, we will be glad to put you in touch with customers that use FBO Manager to process cards. They can validate how effective the program is to save you time and money. If you are considering another program, challenge them to give you names of customers to call and check how well cards work.

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