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How to get free psn credit

how to get free psn credit

I just got a message on my PS3 from PSN about a $10 credit to my account for being a loyal customer and fan of PlayStation.

Wow i must say im shocked and greatful Sony would do something like this


Hey folks! We've decided to lock this thread since a response has been given. The original response given can be seen below. Your feedback has been relayed to our internal teams.

Important note. If you received a voucher code via e-mail but do not currently have access to a PS3 (i.e. if you only own a Vita or if your PS3 is being repaired), please PM me and I'll work with you to get the code redeemed. Please do not PM if you

did not receive a code.

Response on Page 42.

Just wanted to jump in here and shine some light on this. Although I can’t divulge the exact criteria for how we chose who received a voucher, I can tell you that there was a random element involved (but it was not the only factor). Our team loves promotions like this that give back to our community, but unfortunately we are unable to include every PlayStation fan. I know that some of you are upset because of the word “loyal” used in the description, so I’m sorry if you were offended by that. Rest assured that just because someone else received a message saying they are a loyal customer doesn’t mean that you aren’t too.

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