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How to Get Free Credits at Flirt4Free

No, this is not a post on how to hack, steal or otherwise cheat your way into free credits, it’s 100% legitimate. And if you’ve ever visited Flirt4Free you may have already noticed (hint: it’s the orange bar at the top of the screen). Basically, if you sign up for a free account – that is, no deposit required but credit card is needed for age verification – they automatically put 120 credits into your account.

To be fair that’s not a lot to work with – about 5 minutes of a private chat – but it’s something for nothing and at least will give you a taste of what their private sessions are like. And if you’ve never been to

F4F before you’ll likely be impressed by what you see.

(Warning: Shameless, but honest, plug below)

That’s why you’ll notice fewer models online than some other sites and most of the girls here you won’t find anywhere else. Splitcams – software that allows models to stream their video feed to multiple sites – isn’t allowed. Partially as a result you’ll notice the girls are very interactive with members as they aren’t chatting on eight sites at once. Perhaps more importantly almost all of the performers put on one helluva private show.

Anyhow, for more info on the free credit offer or to just take a look at the site, you know, for researching and information-gathering purposes only, visit Flirt4Free .

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