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How to view HDFC Credit Card Statement online?

how to get hdfc credit card

Bank's Credit Card statement is necessary for credit card holder to get on time. Check out how to get HDFC Credit Card Statement on paper as well as view online.

The HDFC bank offers approximately 11 types of credit cards that classify in four categories called Classic Cards, Special Benefit Cards, Premium Cards and Commercial Cards. HDFC bank provides not only its products but also services like hard copy as well as e-statement. You can manage your Credit Card Bills & Payments better along with the host of other benefits offered, that is allowed by HDFC bank.

Monthly statement is a record of all transactions made by you during a particular month. You receive a charge slip or a bill from the Merchant Outlet when you make any transaction.

Keep the records of these slips and cross check the amounts stated in your monthly statements. You can call immediately on our 24-hours helpline in case you find a transaction that doesn't match your records.

Benefits. With Email Statements you can:

  • Receive your account statements securely without any time lag
  • Access your statements without any hassle
  • Save Paper and cut down on paper clutter
  • Ensure security as Password Protected files in PDF format are sent to you
  • Archive easily for future reference
  • You can view your statements of last 12 months after login
  • Click on quick view to see your last transactions
  • See your statements on official website or in your email address

Registration for e-statement:

You can do registration by two ways given below,

NetBanking: You can request for email statements through NetBanking - Credit Cards module, if you are a NetBanking user.

Alternatively. you can call your nearest customer service center to request for email statements.

E-statement is more convenient than ever before. As a Classic customer, you will receive a statement every month on your e-mail

address. Your monthly statement will provide you with details of all CASA and FD accounts, where you are the principal account holder.

When you will be a registered customer, you can do,

  • View Statement
  • View Account Information
  • View Unbilled Transactions
  • Statement on E-Mail
  • Register New Card
  • Deregister Card
  • Autopay Register (Only for HDFC Bank account holders)
  • Autopay Deregister (Only for HDFC Bank account holders)
  • Credit Card Payment (Only for HDFC Bank account holders)

Understanding the terms used in your monthly statement:

Card member's name and number:

Your name appears on the card along with your 16-digit card number.

Statement date:

Statement generated date.

Due date of payment.

Credit limit:

The maximum amount that can be outstanding against your credit card at any point of time.

Available credit limit:

The unutilized value of the credit at any point of time after taking into account the balance outstanding billed and unbilled.

Credit that available for cash withdrawal (subject to Available Credit Limit).

Purchases and Debits:

This is the sum total of all retail / cash transactions incurred by you during your statement period. This also includes the fees.

Finance Charges:

Applicable charge on cash advances and revolving credit facility.

Payments / Credits:

Details of payments made by you and any credits received during the month prior to statement date.

Purchases of India that covers the date on which the transaction took place, brief details on the transaction (including the registered name of the merchant establishment), the city in which the transaction took place, the transaction number and the amount of the transaction is given. Amount column shows the currency in which the transaction took place in the case of a transaction done outside India, Nepal or Bhutan.

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