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How to get high credit score

how to get high credit score

High Limit Credit Cards

Getting High limit credit cards are not such a straightforward process as you think. Irrespective of the mode (by mail, phone or online) you used to apply for credit cards, it is the company which determines whether to approve your application. Credit Card Company will not dispose the information on your credit limit until your application has been processed. Anyhow there are some few things which are worth noting in attaining the credit card limit you desire.

First off, pick out the credit card issuer who advertises more limit. The term high limit varies from company to company. Some have set his credit card limit as $10,000 while others have an extended limit of up to $25,000 and more. when you apply in the credit card company which meets your requirements chances of getting the high limit credit cards are somewhat comes closer to possible.

Just simply getting the credit card is your main concern; you can apply cards in many different companies. Because if you don’t get the high limit from one card you can make use of the card which gives you high limits. Apart from this you can also combine these multiple cards to obtain a high credit limit. This is what the scenario of getting the high limit credit cards until before the recession.

How tough it is to get high limit credit cards in 2013?

Before the recession, even the average income earning folks with the good credit has given a credit card limit from $30k to $50k /card. But now scenario has changed abruptly. Today, even you may have a high income with the FICO score but these factors can’t guarantee

you for getting the high limit credit cards.

Tricky ways to obtain high limit credit cards

  So is there any way to get high limit offers now? Yes. There are few ways are out there. Let’s discuss it now.

  • Aim at best credit cards available at the market. Apply for credit cards. After that, get a periodical raise on your credit card limit. By doing so, there is a high chance of getting the high limit on your credit cards.
  • If you apply for credit cards like 2 or more from a particular issuer, you can combine these credit limits into one. It is of course a great way to get a high limit. But still your cards will be leave with some tiny limits.

Following are some of the best high limit credit cards

  As long as good credit is concerned, our recommendations are:

  • Capital One Venture Rewards,
  • Starwood Amex &
  • Chase Sapphire

You can find large number of very positive reviews on these cards. Chase shappier is aimed at those with the very high income. So no doubt the will be given with the high credit limits.

For average credit score it’s nearly impossible to get the high limits (it is the same scenario for all credit card issuers)

If you do have bad credit and want to get one high limit unsecured card, to be honestly you are day dreaming. You may obtain a secured card with the matching deposit. When you prove yourself as a loyal debtor credit card companies will make you avail for their regular credit cards.

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