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How credit card numbers work

how credit card numbers work

Working Credit Card Numbers

Lillie Said:

Where can i get FAKE credit card numbers. for sites that say "we need a ccn for validation, u wont be charged"

We Answered:

I think they check them out.

Salvador Said:

Is there a hidden meaning in credit card numbers ?

We Answered:

this was a very interesting article on the meaning of credit card digits

Edna Said:

fake credit card numbers. do they work if i don't use them? i have good intentions, read description?

We Answered:

Here is a better way. go to the next convenient store and buy a $25 prepay Visa Card then go home and go online and register that card in your name and with your address.

Now you go and spend $20 and make sure not to leave more than a couple of bucks on the card before you sign up for your free membership.

This will stop them from charging you for a membership fee in 30 days. Since you probably have to cancel this account before then to avoid getting charged. This is why they want a credit card to begin with. Since your prepaid is useless. they can't scam you.

Everett Said:

will an illegal alien be deported for stealing credit card numbers form his client and purchasing goods forhim

We Answered:

he will be held to do the time for the crime then he will be deported and will not have the chance to enter legally again.

Reginald Said:

My husband's password is not working and last night Yahoo asked him to put in his credit card numbers.

We Answered:

It sounds like your husband got phished. You need to report this to Yahoo! Security. The sooner the better. Here is the link you need to use. You will need to fill out the form as

thoroughly as possible.

After you are through you need to read this link.

If you know of a web site that is impersonating a company other than Yahoo! (for example, eBay, PayPal, or a bank or other financial institution), we encourage you to report the web site to the impersonated company directly. You might also want to report the phishing web site to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at, as well as to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at

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Emma Page said:

I badly needed a pile of cash- got a feke credit card from took out 5400 dollars in four days. A reliable and helpful woman, she knows how to make reliable, quality cards. Also she has over 4 years of experience.

WDFAK. said:

Jeez, I got one from her as wel, it stopped working after 4800 dollars over about a week, but as it only cost a few hundred dollars it was well worth it!# I cannot get a response from now? Does anyone have the new address. Thanks, could use a new card!!

dusty said:

Pumpy101 is a scam do if you say you got cards then your in the scam as well

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Brittany said:

Can any one help me find good cc with full details please send me email the sooner the better thank you

stranger helper said:

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Boston joel said:

Listen I need a big limit and I need reliable source. Is like to get a card before I get a bunch of one big one. Hook me up with the guy

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