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How to get icici credit card

How to know Your ICICI Credit card balance Online with out login?

View ICICI Credit Card Balance Online

To view Your ICICI Credit Card Balance or Current and Last Statements online with out login to ICICI Website, You have to perform following steps:

Step 1: Go to ICICI Website

Step 2: Click on "Products " tab which is among the main menu tabs on top ( This will lead to )

Step 3: Click on the "Credit card " link which comes in the "Cards " section ( This will lead to )

Step 4 : Scroll down until you see the "Quick links for your reference: " section.

Step 5. Click on "View Your Statement "

Step 6: Enter your 16 digit ICICI Credit Card number. Your Date of Birth (DOB) and Card validity Start date.

Step 6: Submit the data and you will be able to view your current Credit Card Statement

Step 7: To view your last statement, Click on "Last Statement" link on the page.

Currently this facility is available only for Primary Credit Card holders, which excludes ICICI Bank Amex Card holders

Please ensure that you have reached the above pages by typing in your browser. It is your reponsibility to make sure whether you are visiting the Official ICICI website not the phishing site .

Please Note. right now ICICI has disabled the Online Credit card Statment checking link due to security reasons

Alternate options are Phone banking and SMS Banking

Know ICICI Credit card balance by Phone Banking

Contact at the 24 hour Customer care number of your city from your registered mobile number. The system will ask for your Credit Card number, ATM pin, Date of birth,3 digit Verification number on the back side of credit card. Enter it. and you will get the required info.

Know ICICI Credit card balance by SMS Banking

You may avail this feature only if you had linked your ICICI credit card with your ICICI online banking user ID. If so, you can SMS to 9215676766 in the following format IBALCC(space)Last 6 digits of your Credit Card Number .

Example. SMS IBALCC XXXXXX to 9215676766 Where XXXXXX is last 6 digits of your Credit Card


Last 6 digits of Credit Card number not required to specify if only 1 Credit Card is linked to your Online banking ICICI User ID. There should be only one character space between the keyword and parameter(s)

For more details about ICICI SMS banking visit:

  • ICICI Customer care Email Address.
  • ICICI Feedback form.
  • ICICI Grievance submission form.
The best way is to call the ICICI customer care.

Link your ICICI credit card to your ICICI Bank user Id To get real time balance Online

After you logon to ICICI web portal using your userId and Password, generate a Service Request to link your Credit Card account to your online banking user Id. If your Saving bank account contact address and Credit card account address doesn't match. then you have to call customer care.

Know Credit Card Balance through Phone Banking (Customer care)

To know the balance through Phone, Call to ICICI Customer care. To know the Customer care number of your city Click here

If you are an ICICI customer from Kochi, You may call at 9895478000 / 9020667777

Dial the Number, after connecting select the language and then the service that you are querying for.

When system asks for Credit card number enter Your 16 digit Credit card Number

the system asks for4 digit ATM pin and Your date of birth

Enter it in the format ATMPIN followed by "#" followed by Your Date of birth in ddmmyyyy format (Ex: 23121977) followed by "#"

Like given here 2900#23121977#

If your credntials are right, then you can hear the balance and if you want to speak to Customer care persion dial "9"


SMS SR(space)Service Request Number to 9215676766


Online user can initiate Service request after logging into the portal. If you have any unresolved service requests, you may register your Complaint by dialing ICICI's toll-free number 1800 102 4242 between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Ensure that you provide the Service Request Number (numeric digits only) which is not more than 2 months old.

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