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How Credit Card Tokenization works

how credit card reader works


Tokenization is a feature that safeguards transaction information when a credit card transaction is processed. When a credit card is added to INNfinity, a unique ID is automatically generated by Shift4 and stored in place of the credit card number. For any subsequent transactions, that ID, or token, is sent rather than the credit card number.  A token is simply a 16-character, organically random generated, alphanumeric ID that can only be securely regenerated by Shift4.

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Tokenization in Innfinity



Security Function


After adding a new credit card to Innfinity either manually or by card reader swipe, the card information will be sent to Shift4, where a randomly generated token is sent back.  After the token is received, only the last 4 numbers of the credit card will be displayed and saved within Innfinity, and appear as the first 4 numbers of the token. If you right-click on that card and view the credit card number, the token will be shown.  Once the token has been returned and saved, there is no way to get

the card number from the token.


Tokenization in Innfinity


Innfinity has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Tokenization to the ensure that credit card and business information is as secure as possible.


Tokenization in Innfinity works in this way:

    A credit card is either entered manually or by swiping via card reader. When Send is clicked, the card information is sent to Shift4, and a token for that card is sent back.

Card numbers will only display the last four numbers, ex: xxxxxxxx0866.

Tokens can be verified in Credit Card field of a reservation or account profile.  They can also be verified in the Card on File tab in the Credit Card Info field of the credit card screen.

In either the home screen of an open profile or the Card on File tab of the credit card screen, right click on the Card # field where the partial card number is listed.

Select View entire credit card number.

A message window will appear with a full credit card tokenization displayed.

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