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How to get more credits on imvu

how to get more credits on imvu

Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

Cheat Imvu cr and Codes

IMVU Hacks And Cheat Free Credits imvufreecodescr

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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((Welcome To IMVU Hacks And Cheats 1on1))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) """MaDe By CHANTAL ERIKA""

Today I Will Teach You How To Hack And Cheat Your Way On IMVU. (^_^).

Fellow The Easy Steps And You Will Be Fine Mess With Any Code Or Codes Then

It's On You. PS Read Carefully (((((VERY IMPORTANT))))))

Step 1. Please Read What I Tell You Or You Read ((((VERY IMPORTANT))))

Step 2. Fellow What I Tell You

Step 3. Don't Change AnyThing Or U'll Get Nothing

Ok As We All Know IMVU Is A Very Evolved Messenger Yes It's Free But It Has It's Down Side.

So I Have Made It My Mission To Break IMVU At It's Own Game. Feel Free To Laugh Now. I Will LOL

Ok So I Looked And Looked For A Way To Hack IMVU In It's Core Programing But To No Luck I Have Failed You All

But As Superman Is To Kryptonite I Will Break The Codes One Day Till Then Just Fellow My Easy Steps..

((((((((((((((HERE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT CODES))))))))))))

What Are Codes? Codes Are Like Privite Message In A Program If You Put The Rite Codes In Something WonderFull

Happens Type In The Wrong Code Sometimes Does Nothing And At Other Times It's Breaks Your Program

Here IS A List Off Codes I Found That Works On The New IMVU System

Ok now lets talk about the cheats: """MaDe By CHANTAL ERIKA""

Type these and watch what happens.

^this will give you a new shirt.

^this also does something weird that I don't know how to explain

*use 17

^Also don't know how to explain this one.

*use 21

^don't know how to explain

*use 22

^makes you wave.

I'm still trying to figure out more.

These all works. They may only work on a boy or a girl. So if it doesn't work try turning yourself into

the opposite sex and then try the cheat again.Good luck! A Few More Codes To Go All Out On Hacks And Cheats

type *use 1 *use 2 *use 3


set 1 """MaDe By CHANTAL ERIKA"""

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