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How to get new credit history

how to get new credit history

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RICHMOND, VA – Better Business Bureau Serving Central Virginia warns consumers to beware of a business claiming to give consumers a new credit history for a fee. “New Credit History” indicates on its website that it offers secondary credit numbers which will provide consumers with clear new credit history. BBB sent certified mail to the Richmond address shown on the company’s website domain, but it was returned “Attempted-Not Known.” BBB has issued an “F” rating on the company and has an unanswered consumer complaint.

This week, BBB spoke with “Ben” from New Credit History seeking additional information and clarification of the services they provide. Ben explained that for a fee of $199, New Credit History can issue a secondary credit number. Consumers are instructed not to use any address that has connections to their current credit. When asked why your own address could not be used, Ben explained that you can use it if you would like your file to merge.

The website of New Credit History states that the secondary credit number comes from an independent third party attorney or lawyer and that a different address is requested in order to keep files separate. When BBB asked for the names of the attorneys that are supplying secondary credit numbers for New

Credit History’s customers, we were told that information could not be released. BBB asked for a location we could visit and be able to speak with someone in person. The company explained that they have eight locations across the United States but they were unable to provide us with a physical address. We were also informed that the phone number for the company, 804-360-2340, is considered a Google phone number. Google Voice is a free service that allows people to choose a local number for voice mail and calling purposes.

“BBB has been unable to find a corporate filing for New Credit History in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” states Tom Gallagher, president and CEO of BBB Serving Central Virginia. “We strongly warn consumers not to take part in such offers. Verify all claims on improving or changing your credit information with a regulatory agency.”

BBB contacted the Federal Trade Commission, the Office of the Attorney General and the Social Security Administration regarding obtaining a secondary credit number. Representatives at these agencies stated that they have not heard of a secondary credit number, that it does not exist, and the numbers used are most likely coming from another social security number, tax identification number or bank identification, all of which would be illegal to obtain credit.

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