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How To Get Off A Mailing List, and give the world your credit card number

how to get off credit card mailing lists

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Recently the Direct Marketing Association dropped their requirement that you pay $1.00 to remove your name from their member lists (the Mail Preference Service ). Well not completely, you can remove yourself via their on-line form without paying $1.00, a mail in form with a $1.00 fee option still is available. This is a trade association who knows their business, who else is going to have a snail mail in form option that costs $1.00 when a free on-line option is

right next to it but the direct mail business?

The trouble with this is that they ask you to provide a credit card number which they verify your address through. Interesting I got on the do-not call list and didn't have to provide a credit card number, I even filled out the form on-line. So why ask for a credit card number you ask? Hoping you will give up and keep letting

their members send you direct mail. Seeing as they even want your email address for a "renewal" sounds like they want to find a way to wiggle those catalogs back in to your mail box, just like the telemarketers want to find a way to call you during dinner again when your do-not call list registration requires a renewal. My desire to not get junk mail, or calls during dinner will not change, trust me.

It is great news that they eliminated the $1.00 fee for removal from the Mail Preference Service. To pay them for removal was just wrong. There is no way the $1.00 did anything but discourage people from removing themselves. Providing a credit card number will do even more to discourage people from removing themselves. At least the DMA is doing their job, working for their members the direct mail industry.

By Jon Sigler Mortgage and Lending with Embrace Home Loans, NMLS#119288 NMLS #119288

Posted on January 15, 2008 09:40 PM

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