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How to get out of your lease

how to get out of your lease

Product Description

PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier

This transmitter creates a circular radio signal up to 12 feet in diameter without any wire. You can shrink the Barrier area to 2 feet in diameter if you only want a small section of a room off-limits to your furry friend. This indoor pet-proofing barrier allows you to customize the off-limits areas of your home.


Most pets will learn quickly to avoid the Barrier Area on their own. However, your pet will pick up on the new boundaries even quicker with a few short training sessions. You can attach a long leash to your pet’s regular collar while she is also wearing the Receiver Collar. The two of you walk towards the Barrier Area. Once you hear the tones and your pet receives the safe static correction, gently pull her leash away from the off-limits area. Reward your pet with praise each time she leaves. For families with multiple pets, you can add an unlimited number of the Pawz Away Receiver Collars to the area. You can also use multiple barriers in your yard for multiple areas your pets need to avoid.

Product Features:

  • Wirelessly protects an area between 2 and 12 feet in diameter: With the Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier you

    can keep your pet away from a specific two foot area or an entire room. Keep your pet away from the trash can or off your furniture.

  • The lightweight receiver collar with static correction fits pets 5 lbs. and larger, neck sizes 6” to 28”. As long as your friend weighs 5 lbs. the Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier system will work for you.
  • The battery operated Transmitter easily fits in small spaces, and can fit into any home décor.
  • The waterproof receiver collar also works with outdoor pet barriers. Come rain or shine, your pet will be safe in her collar.
  • The easy setup and training ensures your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.

    Trouble shooting Steps.

    Once the collar is paired to the transmitter the collar beeps and the test light lights up when you get the collar within range of the transmitter.

    Program Receiver:

    1.Start with the Barrier turned off.

    2. Turn receiver on and place it within 1 foot of the Barrier.

    3.Press and hold the – button, a bar will appear next to the current Mode.

    4.Press and hold the + button, one range bar will appear.

    5. Keep holding both buttons until collar beeps 3 times.

    7. Collar is now set to the new mode.

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