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How to get rid of car loan

how to get rid of car loan

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Sell your car at a loss. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on to your next venture. Get what you can for the car and relieve yourself from the stress associated with this bad car loan. This method will also help you keep or get your credit report together. Keep in mind that to sell the car you still have to pay your lender off first.

Borrow enough money to pay the bad car loan off. Try and get a lower interest loan using collateral like a home equity line of credit. Another option is to obtain an unsecured loan. To find one, check with your credit union or bank and see if you can get an unsecured credit loan. You can then take that loan amount and apply it to the balance of your bad credit loan or remaining balance after you sell the car.

Find ways to make extra money to pay it off. You can work overtime, get a part time job or start a part time

business. Put all of the extra cash toward getting rid of that bad car debt.

Keep the car. Even though you have a bad car loan you should continue to pay the note. Add additional funds to the payment when you can to speed up the process of paying off the note. Let it be a lesson to you not to get into this situation again.

Use any extra money to smash this bad car debt. If you get an income tax and/or stimulus check, bonus from work, interest from an account, inheritance or any kind of extra cash feel obligated to use it to pay off that bad car loan.

In closing, you can get rid if a bad car loan by using one or more of the above suggestions which are sell the car at a loss, borrow enough money to pay the car off, find ways to make extra money to pay it off, keep the car and continue paying for it and use any extra money that comes your way to squash your loan.

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