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how to get sbi home loan

We offer several loan products to help you buy a home or car for your family back in India and also loan against your deposit with us to tide over unforeseen financial needs. You can leverage your future income, existing assets, and deposits as security for the loan.

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The guidelines issued by RBI relating to “Know Your Customer” (KYC) norms mandate the Bank to periodically update customer record with current information relating to customer’s identity and address. Accordingly, your account with us will be due for update, if it was opened more than two years ago.

You are therefore requested to kindly submit documents for re-KYC to your home branch, along with the request letter. Please click here. to download the standard request letter containing the documents and information required.

We request your co-operation in order to make your account compliant with the regulatory guidelines.

In case, you have forgotten your login password for your Internet Banking (INB) facility, it can be reset online itself, with the help of your Profile Password.

We have started emailing detailed position of NRI accounts with us as a password protected PDF attachment on the registered e mail address, beginning from March 14 quarter. In case of any issues, please contact your home branch.

Now, you can place a request for outward remittance or funds transfer (forex) favouring a third party from your NRE Savings Bank account to any account overseas through SWIFT mechanism using Internet Banking facility.

To use this facility, please go to 'Outward Remittance from NRE' under 'NRI Services' tab of 'e-Services' in the menu bar of your Internet Banking account.

Now, you can place a request for disposing off a remittance expected into your NRE / NRO account with us. It will serve three purposes, as mentioned below:

  • Tracking and disposal of fresh remittance
  • Creation of multiple deposits
  • Request for creation of FCNR (B) deposits

    To use this facility, please go to 'Inward Remittance Disposal Request' under 'NRI Services' tab of 'e-Services' in the menu bar of your Internet Banking account.

    If you have not applied for Internet Banking (INB) earlier or does not have INB facility, you can now self-register for it online without visiting the branch.

    Simply, you have to fill in your

    account details to create your temporary username and passwords and thereafter you can authenticate it by anyone of the following mode:

    1. By inputting ATM card details linked to your account

    2. By sending a request letter will be generated during the registration process which you have to post/courier to your home branch for INB activation. Upon INB activation, you will receive a SMS alert about the activation.

    For applying, please follow the below mentioned procedure:

    • Please go to
    • Please click on Login under Personal Banking section
    • Please click on Continue to Login
    • Please click on "New User? Click here" on Personal Banking login page
  • Now, you can generate ATM PIN instantly for a linked debit card through internet banking facility. It can be used for re-issuance of ATM PIN. In order to use this facility, please follow the below mentioned procedure:

    • Please login to Internet Banking facility linked to the debit card
    • Please click on e-Services tab
    • Please click on ATM Card Services option on the left hand side panel
    • Please click on ATM Pin Generation and proceed as per the instructions given thereat to create ATM PIN. First 2 digits of ATM PIN will be decided/created by the customer and last 2 digits will be sent on the registered mobile number of the customer.

    Now you can add, change, cancel or inquire a nominee in your NRE / NRO savings bank or NRE / NRO / FCNR (B) deposit accounts through Internet Banking (INB) facility. In order to use this function, please follow the below mentioned procedure:

    • Please log in to your SBI Personal Banking account ( )
    • Please click on ‘e-Services’
    • Please click on ‘Online Nomination’ on left hand side column and the page will display various deposit account maintained by you with us.
    • Please choose the account and click on anyone of the following tab for the needful:
      • ‘Register Nomination’ for adding a nominee, if no nominee is presently linked to your account
      • ‘Inquire Nomination’ for checking which nominee is presently linked to your account
      • ‘Cancel Nomination’ for removing the nominee from the account

      In order to change existing nominee, please cancel nominee first and then register a fresh nominee as per procedure mentioned above. how to get sbi home loan

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