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How To Get Free Skype Credit?

steps To Get Free Skype Credit

Skype is the number one software to make voice calls on the internet and is quickly developing its clients everywhere throughout the world and the real motivation to utilizing this administration that it permits you to make calls from computer to computer totally free of cost. In this article we will discuss how to get free Skype credit? You can make calls to your family members and friends anyplace in the world without needing to purchase any additional equipment or credit. Here are some steps that will help you how to get free Skype credit?

How to get free Skype credit?

Below are some steps to get free credit.

1.Download the software

The first step to get free Skype credit is to download the Skype software from the internet.

2.Change your IP address

The second step to get free Skype credit is change your IP address. Free Skype Credit offer is just for united kingdom visitors just so on the off chance that you are not from United Kingdom of Incredible Britain than you need to utilize any IP change software within request to change the IP address of your laptop or computer. For the individuals who are not familiar with the word “IP address” let me let you know that all the computers on the internet are perceived

by there IP addresses so if your IP location is from Pakistan’s IP range than anyone can see that you are from Pakistan however if you introduce an InternetProtocol changer software than you can likewise change your IP to any nation.

steps To Get Free Skype Credit

For this you need to install IP Switcher software from Cnet site. After download install the software and change your IP to United Kingdom IP address with the goal that you can profit from the advancement. Verify that that your IP is change by going by the site and see what it indicates.

3.Like Facebook page and get credit

The last step to get free credit is to like Facebook page and get credit. Ifeelgoods is doling out 2 US dollars Skype credit to each Facebook fan who like there page. So keeping in mind the end goal to get the free credit you need to like Ifeelgoods Facebook page from here. After that you will see another dialog box simply click on “Skype” and you will get your code. Presently login into your Skype account through the software before and click on buy credit links. Essentially enter the code and you will right away earn 2 dollars credit through which you can call to any land-line number or mobile anyplace as far and wide as possible.

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