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Obtaining Someones Social Security Number

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You really wouldn’t believe how easy it is to obtain someones Social Security Number . Especially if the person who’s social security number you want helps you out. Before I go into the exact details of how to go about obtaining someones social security number I must say that you should not do this. This is strictly for educational purposes only. Obtaining someones Social Security Number and using it against them is a Federal crime. This is being written so you can understand how people can get it so you can protect yourself.

The techniques in this post will soon not be able to work as well as they once did. This is because as of June  2011 the Social Security Administration office changed the way Social Security numbers where issued. They changed this because of the increasing rates of Identity Theft. But the downside to this is that if you do suspect ID theft. You will not be able to get a new SSN until you actually suffer a loss. Before 2011 even if you suspected theft you would be able to get a new number.

Things You’ll Need

  • Social Security Death Master Files
  • Decent Math Skills
  • The persons full name
  • The DOB of the person (mainly the year of the person that was born)
  • The state that the person was living in at the time they received their SSN

As you can see most of things you will need you will mostly already have, if you don’t already have them you will not be able to succeed. But here is a few peaces of extra info for you. The best way to get the Date Of Birth of the person

is to simply ask. People are more willing to give info like this to pretty much anyone. The same is true for getting the state they received their SSN in as well as their full name.

Getting Started

The first thing we will need to do is download the Social Security Death Master Files. These are plain text files that obtain every Social Security Number of people who have died. These files are perfectly legal to obtain, since Social Security Numbers become public after someone dies. These files are handy to have mainly because once a social security number has been issued to someone it will never ever be used again. Because of this we can see which numbers have already been used which will eliminate many problems for us. The Death Master files are in a plain text format and are extremely huge in size. About 20GB. They won’t open up in your average text editor inside of Windows system. So if your using Windows you will need to split them up into smaller chunks or install a text editor that will support a text file as big as this one .

Now that we have downloaded the Death Master file we will now need to know how exactly social security numbers are issued before the date of June 2011. Before that date the first 3 numbers of the social security number which are known as the area number. Indicated what state the number was issued to. These three numbers are created a lot like the Zip Codes work. They start from the lowest number on the east coast and get higher as you go south and west. Below is a chart for each state.

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