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How to get unlimited skype credit

how to get unlimited skype credit

Don't want to pay upfront for the expensive Skype Unlimited or Skype Credit? Bing Rewards gives you the option to get it for free.

Bing Rewards gives you points for doing searches daily. Each day you can do up to 30 searches to receive 15 points and another 20 searches on mobile to receive 10 points; along with a daily extra credit. Each day you should be able to get 26 credits. Doing that every day for a month will get you 780 credits. Also, reaching Silver status which is achieved at 200 lifetime credits will give you a one-time 50 credit bonus. By participating in Bing Rewards, you will be able to earn Skype Unlimited and Skype Credit every month for free just by searching with Bing.

[Here] is an auto-searcher for both mobile and normal web browsing that will search for you automatically. *note that it is against their rules to use it, use at your own risk *

There are numerous rewards you can get but in regard to Skype:

  • Skype Unlimited US & Canada-1 month. 300 credits. Gold Price: 280 credits
  • 60 minutes of Skype Credit. 100 credits. Gold Price: 90 credits
  • Other rewards inclue numerous giftcards, xbox live or cash for Windows

Gold Status is

achieved when you:

  • redeem credits for your first reward
  • earn 750 lifetime credits
  • And do 150 rewardable searches per month

If you would like to get the most out of your credits (This section is not relevant to Skype rewards)

  1. wait till you reach 750 lifetime credits
  2. Depending on what you want to get as your reward, it may be worth it to purchase a 20 credit sweepstakes entry before purchasing your main reward. This way, you will then have Gold which will give you a discount on rewards.
  • As an example: It is worth it to purchase the 20 credit sweepstakes if the item you want is the $5 Xbox gift card, because it will end up saving you 15 credits.
  • However, It is not worth it if you want the 1 Month Xbox Live Membership since the Gold Discount and a sweepstakes entry both cost 20 credits.

If this guide was helpful to you I would appreciate if you used my referral link. I hope it helped!

Bing Reward's TOS: "The Program is open to users who reside in the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia and who are at least thirteen (13) years of age."

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