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By default, Identity Finder will always search for Credit Card Numbers using AnyFind without requiring you to provide any personal information.  If for any reason you do not want to find any occurrence of all Credit Card Numbers and choose to only find the various formats of a specific one, then you may configure your AnyFind options under Settings.  Credit Card Numbers can be used to make unauthorized purchases on your behalf, so searching for this Identity Type is of critical importance to prevent identity theft.

You can enable or disable AnyFind searching for Credit Card Numbers by clicking the Credit Card button on the Identities ribbon.  When the button is highlighted,

Identity Finder will search for Credit Card Numbers using AnyFind.

Note: If using OnlyFind, when entering a unique Credit Card Number, it must be entered as 13-16 digits with or without spaces, but without dashes or any other characters.  For example "4111111111111111" (without the quotes) is valid.  However "4111-1111-1111-1111" (without the quotes) is invalid because it contains dashes.

Additional Information

To view or modify AnyFind settings, click the Configuration ribbon, then the Settings button, and then select the AnyFind page.  Alternatively you may click the Identities ribbon and then click the AnyFind option button

. For additional information on AnyFind settings please refer to Customize AnyFind Search Behavior.

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