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How to get wii credits

how to get wii credits

Sunday, December 16, 2007

How I got my Free Wii Points

Now im sure many of you felt that same way I did when you first looked at the Virtual Console, on the Nintendo Wii. Wow! Thats great idea, then as an after thought it hit you that you would be paying money for games you had all ready played and in many cases finished. Well not anymore with the following guide you will be smashing through the classic blocks of retro gaming in no time. And best of all it will all be completly FREE! No Credit Cards! The number is emailed to you so you dont even have to wait for the post.

Let me say that I have tried many other sites that claim to give you free Wii points and none have worked up until this one. I currently have claimed 12,000 Wii points and am enjoying those classic titles quite a bit. Read on to find out how to do it.

Get his for free!

How does this work and is this legal?

When you buy a Nintendo Wii Points card, it comes with a code that you enter into the Shop Channel and it will credit your console with 2000 points. If you follow the directions below this site will e-mail those codes to you! The sites buys the Wii Points Cards, with money they get from sponsors that advertise on there website. So yes its 100% Free and 100% Legal .

Please Note: To use this website you must be a resident of USA, Canada, UK or Australia.

What do I need to do?

The first thing I advise everyone to do is to create a "junk" email (I recommend a hotmail account as there quick and fast to get started). This is because you get a lot of junk mail off the site, and so you don't get your real email flooded one of these junk accounts is just the ticket.

Step 1 - Sign Up

Click Here and sign up.

Once the page opens, click the Sign UP on the menu bar on the left hand side of the screen and fill out your information.

When the site asks you for your email I suggest that you give them your real one as this is the email that your Wii Points Card number will be emailed to, the site will not spam you, its the offers that you do in step 2 that send you the junk.

They also ask you for your address, this is nothing to be worried about as they only need it to mail you your physical prizes (I had a Classic Controller mailed to me, it really makes those Virtual Console classics more fun, and it took less than a hour to earn the points for it).

After you sign up they will

email you a confirmation email. Clink the link in that email and you done with step 1. (If you cant find a email from them make sure to check your 'Junk Mail' folder.

Step 2 - Complete Offers

So now that your all singed up, go ahead and login, its time to start earning points!

Once you are inside feel free to check the Prize List to see what prizes the site offers for different amounts of points. You will notice that the Wii Points Card's cost 20 points, the basic exchange rate is 1 point = $1 USD, you should be able to get enough points in less than a hour or so.

To start earning points click on the Available Offers link. There will be a whole list of offers that reward different amounts of points, when you complete the offer you will receive that many points. When filling out these offers you don't have to use your real home address or phone number, I would actually advise against it. Just fill in some fake number and fake address. And remember to use your junk email account when giving your email as it will get spammed. Remember to check your email for confirmation emails from these offers as you may not be credited if you don't confirm via email.

Note: I suggest you only do the Free offers, as paying for an offer defy's the point of Free Wii Points doesn't it.

A few tips for filling out offers

Write down your details in a .txt file so you can copy and paste them across

Delete your browsers cookies after every offer

Complete offers with realistic information

Let each page load completely

Also remember that while 9 / 10 of the offers will credit your account instantly some may take 10 or 15 minutes for your points to show up. Don't worry they will show up.

Step 2 - Claim You Prize

The fun part, claiming your prize.

After you have enough points for the prize you want, go to the Available Prizes page and pick out what you would like. There are many other things that you can claim such as consoles, video games, Ipods, etc. The great thing is if they have nothing you like they will let you pick anything you want from with a 1point = 1dollar ratio. Remember that prizes that require shipping are mailed to your address, so be sure that it is correct.

Thats it!

If you selected the Wii Points Card for 20 points, they will email you the code from the back of a card shortly and all you have to do is enter it into your shop channel and start downloading free games to your Wii.

Hope hope that this guide has helped some of you get your Wii Points and other freebies. Enjoy

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