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How to give copyright credit

how to give copyright credit

How to credit imagery used on a business card or ballpoint pen?

Inspired by this question, I started to think:

How do you attribute and give credit, when you use images and resources that are Creative Commons, copyleft; are in the public domain or have variation of "free" licensing?

(Some of the answers to the above questions grazes that question but it is not really the main issue in that question).

How do you attribute - say -:

  • a background tiled image for web?
  • a background tiled image for print?

(the point here being tiny-weeny images)

  • an icon set web?
  • an icon set print?
  • To make it more fiddly: tiny images you

    might use for t-shirts, printed objects such as ballpoint pens, t-shirts, keyrings, letterheads?

For web; there seems to be divided between those who think that in the source code is fine and those who do not. For web you could make a link somewhere discreet that says "credits". This does not really work for print. If you enthusiastically stand on the shoulders of giants, and use what is legally yours to use, your printed leaflet would be bogged down in 6point text attributions.

(Yes, there are differences between countries; I am asking on a general note.)

Edit: I could add GNU licenses, but that is usually pretty straightforward, as it is mainly concerned with software, code, programming snippets, digital programmable objects etc.

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