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How to Get Free Credits on IMVU

September 26, 2014 | Filed under: Uncategorized

We all play IMVU, it is a very fun game. We can meet and talk to new people online. It never gets boring because millions of people play it. IMVU is a popular game because it can help people socialize with others in the own comfort of their home. It is also a game that can teach you about life.

I started playing IMVU because i was bored one day. Now IMVU is one of the many games i still play til this day. The problem i had with IMVU was how to get free credits. This was a big problem for me and many others. Eventually my friends began to play IMVU with me. We did many things

to get credits. Some were successful some weren’t. We still didn’t know how to get free credits on IMVU. We looked at IMVU Credit cheats and a IMVU Credit hack. None of these worked so we continued to search for how to get free credits on imvu. We came upon a imvu credit generator which didn’t work at all. We decided to give up.

While searching the guys at WeHaveGuides and I decided to stop. Instead we would make our own guide on how to get free credits on IMVU.

We finally found a way to earn free credits on IMVU completely free. This guide that we made shows you how to get credits on imvu with 3 easy steps.

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