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How to give photo credit

how to give photo credit

Add fields to give proper credit to photographers plus caption

As far as I know, there are no blogging system that has any feature to give proper credit to photographers.

The article writer get their credit, but how do you put the name of the photographer along with a copyright or creative commons (with a link) under each picture?

And to make the subject a little more complicated - how do you put a caption in addition to that?

I have written a blogpost on to describe it in a bit more detail.

All photographers deserve a proper credit for their work. And it is not enough to add a comment at the end of an article. There should be fields to fill in each time you add a picture to a blogpost.

Of course, the really elegant thing would be to populate those fields with information from the

IPTC fields of the picture.

Maybe you have never thought about this before. But as Flickr is getting bigger by the day and more and more people are licensing their pictures under creative commons, you can go there and search for pictures to use in your posts. But in most licenses it is a requirement that you credit the photographer. And the best way to do this is to have the name, copyright or cc and links directly under the pictures. Take a look at my mockup on to understand what I mean.

If you are not sure about what I mean, feel free to ask for clarification. I think this is such a basic requirement (that is also covered by law in most countries) that it should be in the core code. Article writers get credit, programmers get credit - why not photographers?

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