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How to hack a credit card number visa master cards

how to hack a credit card number visa master cards

Hacked Credit Card Numbers

Randall Said:

Question about social security and credit cards. IMPORTANT?

We Answered:

I'm assuming he called the company using the number on the back of his credit card ?

I had the same thing happen to me 2 years ago with a Citibank MasterCard. They hacked into Marshall's/TJMaxx and stole a bunch of credit card numbers. They cancelled my account and sent me a replacement card with a new number. There has been no compromise of my social security number, and no other issues at all.

So just be sure you receive the new card, and all will be well.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can file a fraud alert on your credit file. All this means is that a company will have to speak to you by phone at the number you provide to confirm any new credit applications.

Ruth Said:

We Answered:

anything can be hacked if the person knows how. i keep mine in places that have high security: electric, att etc. to pay my bills. for eveything else i use paypal.

Billy Said:

What is hacking? How other people steals my personal data like credit card numbers ?

We Answered:

Yes, hacking is stealing very important things, mostly accounts. Such as stealing game accounts, bank accounts, credit card numbers, ID, and very important things that you daily, weekly, or monthly use. Be sure to keep all of your important information with you at all times.

Danny Said:

HELP! I've been hacked. This person has my name, address, phone number, family names, etc. What do I do now?

We Answered:

Report that e-mail to your local enforcer and contact your bank, credit card company, etc and let them know what's happening. Change your e-mail address and get the latest internet protection program. Did you by chance share any personal information, online. Can the hacker prove that he or she really knows all of your information. Get windows XP

SP 2. Make sure you change your account numbers, etc.

I really hope everything is okay!

Calvin Said:

could i go to jail for using credit card numbers that are not mine or fraud

We Answered:

In what way are you using the credit card numbers that are not yours? If you are using them for goods or services (including access to pay websites), then you're committing a crime.

What do you think happens to people who commit crimes, the judge smiles and pats their hands? Not often.

You won't go to jail at 15, but you could easily be removed from your home and sent to live in a juvenile facility for a while. There you'll be around kids who are junior thugs, capable of hurting anybody who won't give them what they want. Your education will be seriously sidetracked, since the good teachers don't want to teach there. And your parents' hearts will be broken.

Stop doing it, today, and don't ever do it again.

Lucy Said:,i tried their 14 day free trial.They didnt ask me for credit card number will i still be charged?

We Answered:

Make sure you send a certified letter to cancell the service.

If not, they will keep billing you, and later on the amount will be great enough to go to collections.

Send one letter now, and send another one when you get the bill in the mail.

Rosemary Said:

How can I stop Rewardme from illegally withdrawing charges from my credit card ?

First call the credit card company and and report that your card has been compromised. Cancel the card and request a replacement. Tell them you would like to dispute a fraudulent charge. Next ask them if a Reg E is necessary on the card. Reg E is for fraudulent electronic charges. Not sure if it applies to credit cards or only to bank accounts. The Reg E assumes that you are in the USA.

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