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How to hack credit card numbers

how to hack credit card numbers

Hack Or Buy Valid Credit Card Numbers And Information Including CVV

This part of the blog I made to make people aware that there is many scammers online selling fake Credit Card details to people and ripping them off, or taking their money only never to hear from them again. People often ask me to tell them where to find a good forum where the vendors are not rippers and they can buy genuine hacked Credit Cards with cvv numbers, like Visa or MasterCard or American Express credit or debit cards with the users full information, for the purpose of shopping online or cashing out or whatever the financial reason maybe.

Now, I have been in this Hacking and Carding business long enough to know that being honest and Genuine makes you alot more money than a ripper ever will, But, how do you find such vendors that you can trust and will give you the hack Credit Card Numbers with cvv numbers that you paid for. I'll tell you now its very difficult, most of them cannot be found on Google, just by typing Hacker or Valid Credit Card seller into the search box.

There is however a small minority you can find on Google who do sell Valid Credit Card numbers and for a very decent price too, these guy can also provide such services like Selling you Western Union Transfers for thousands of dollars, for a fraction of

the price and Dumps (the information on the magnetic strip) for re-writing the Credit Card numbers onto Blank Cards.

Now where Do you find these Honest Vendors? To date I only Deal with 2 Genuine Credit Card Sellers and they only operate on underground forums where the strict rules mean that vendors need to be vouched for by 4 other vouched members before they can sell their services.

I am not allowed to post the url of this forum, but I will however share the email of one of those vendors here, and if anyone here is looking for Western Union Transfers for quick money or someone is looking to buy real Credit Card Numbers with cvv numbers for shopping online then the email to contact is


now this guy is a master of the game, and used to operate on a professional underground forum called which is now gone but he still does business with old members from the forum who kept his email, so, if you contact him you need to say you got his details from the forum, do not say you seen it on a public blog or he wont deal with you, and if anyone can comment and share trusted vendors who sell Valid Credit Card Details then post them here this information is for educational purpose only you are responsible for what you do with it

Thanks and take care

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