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How to hack credit cards

how to hack credit cards

How To Hack Credit Cards With Full Details

People often ask me how to hack credit cards or where to find a good forum where there is no rippers or scammers so they can find someone to buy credit cards from. Well first things first. If you want to know exactly what it takes to hack valid credit cards via different methods, then I will be posting some tutorials on those methods soon, but if you dont want to put in the effort to learn how to hack your own credit card details and would rather just buy them from a genuine hacker/seller online then u need to know exactly where to look just to find an honest hacker who will even deal with you and believe me its not easy to find one if u don't know where to begin.

I want to make the point of telling you that the majority of people that you will meet online will be fake sellers promising you the have valid hacked credit card numbers for sale, but all they want to do is get their greedy hands on your hard earned cash only to never hear from them again. These people are called rippers.

Now, Ive been in this been in this carding and hacking business for years and long enough to know that being genuine and an honest person will make you more cash than these rippers ever will..

But where do you find these genuine sellers that will give you the hacked credit cards numbers that you paid for and not run with your money? Well, there is a small minority of these vendors online and these guys also sell other services like.

Western Union Transfers, Bank Logins, Credit Card dumps etc..

So where can you find these Trusted Seller? Well to this day I only know of 2 trusted Credit Card vendors who provide these services but they operate on underground forums hidden away from the public and the highly strict rules mean that they have to pay the forum admin a fee and be vouched by 2 other vouched members of the forum before the can sell these services, and anyone joining these forums would need an invite from a trusted member before they could even log in.

Im not allowed to share the link to these forums but I will however share the email of one of its trusted sellers here. And if anyone is looking to buy Western Union transfers for some quick cash or Hacked Credit Card details shopping online or whatever your financial reason is, then his email address is


Now this guy really is a master pro and knows the business inside out. He used to operate on a well known underground forum called which was closed by the feds, but he still does business with his old clients from the forum who still kept his contact details. So when you contact him you will have to say your an old client from the forum that still kept his contact email. Do not say you seen his email address on a public blog or he will not do business with you

And if anyone else knows the contact details of any trusted vendor that sells western union transfers or hacked valid credit cards details then please share it here

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