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How to improve your credit score quick

how to improve your credit score quick

Quick Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

[I]mproving a bad credit score often takes time. It can take years to completely rebuild a credit score that dropped from excellent to poor. However, a few actions can help you see improvement right away.

Ask for More Credit

If you have balances on your credit cards that you are working to pay down, one way to improve your credit score fast is by asking for a higher credit limit. This only works if you do not max out your cards. Creditors may be willing to extend more credit to you if you have consistently paid on time and been responsible with your credit usage.

The reason this step helps your score is that it lowers your debt utilization or how much credit you are using compared to how much you have available. Another option is to open a new account, but it will not impact your score for good for about six months.

Removing Late Payments or Collections

You can immediately improve your credit score if you can have a late payment removed from your account.

This step does the most good if the payment is recent. Since a late payment has the biggest impact on lowering your score, it can also help improve it just as much. As the negative information ages, it will have less of an impact if it is removed.

You can write a letter to your creditor and ask them to remove the late payment from your account. They are not obligated to do so, but some creditors will for a long-term customer with a good history. If you have one late payment amid a long list of on-time payments, the company may be willing to delete it for you.

Pay Down Credit Card Debt

Another way to improve your credit is to pay down your balances. If you pay extra on your accounts, you will notice an improvement in your credit score. There is no hard and fast rule of how much your score will go up based on how much you pay, but it will help if you are able to pay a significant amount.

These few steps can help your credit score improve quickly.

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