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How to lease a domain name

how to lease a domain name


We are the leading site for advertising an Internet domain for acquisition, sale or lease. Reach millions of people easily and quickly! Use the site to sell or lease your domain to the highest bidder! Selling or leasing a domain is perfectly legal and allowed by law. Ask a fixed price or hold an auction!

Need a quick source of cash? Extra money for the holidays? Internet site not being used? Business failing? Take advantage of a great source of valuable property!

You may have valuable equity in your site! Want to know how much your domain may be worth? Just advertise and ask for bids! Let the market decide. Remember, a domain receiving many hits daily could be worth a lot of money to the right company! You could even convince a bank or lender to use your site as equity for a loan!

What kind of domains can be leased or sold?

ALL KINDS! from the .com. org. net realm of life.

How does the process work?

One low charge of $25.00 per domain advertisement is all it takes to get you listed for 1 month. THE PROCESS

To list your domain name for sale or lease, we require that you fax or mail to us a letter with your name, address, city, state and zip code. We also require that the person offering the domain for sale or lease be the listed Administrative Contact or Billing Contact for the domain.

Include on the fax page a Mastercard or VISA credit card account number, the card's expiration date, the billing address of the credit card if different from the address above. An authorized cardholder signature must also be on the letter. Include the length of time the ad is to run on the site. Optionally,

you may supply credit card billing information by telephone by calling: (561) 627-9511 or (561) 625-WEBS during business hours weekdays, eastern time zone.

The minimum charge is $25.00 for 1 month (30 days), $45.00 for 2 months (60 days), or $60.00 for 3 months (90 days). Florida residents will be charged 6% state sales tax on all orders.

You may also fax your ad copy, or if you like, send an e-mail with the ad copy written in the body of the mail or as an attached file (such an an HTML page) to: Remember, your ad should include such things as terms of a sale or lease, offering or bidding price, closing date for bidding and how to place a bid or complete the sale. Ads may contain a mixture of text and graphics as well as statistics about the site. You may even include a link to your web page or e-mail address.

If you need assistance in designing an attractive ad, we can provide this service through our designing company.

We will contact you near the closing term of your ad to see if a re-new is required.


Only one domain may be advertised per ad.

You may advertise more than one domain. Five or more ads will reduce the rate to $22.00 per month per domain listing per month. Listing charges are payable no later than the date the ad is to begin. If your site sells prior to the end of your ad, you may be able to receive a refund for the unused time of the listing. The rate charged would then be for the shorter time period. Charges for completed months are non-refundable.

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