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Property Lease Options Investing: What Are Lease Options and Rent to Buy?

how to lease a home

Lease options  (or property lease options ) investing and ‘Rent to Buy ‘ are powerful property investment strategies which give control without ownership and wealth without debt. We want to help you master and learn lease options and to develop the property lease options skills you need to succeed. Our site is brimming with reliable information, lease option training, resources and articles on how to safely and profitably invest using lease options.

‘Rent to Buy’ (or ‘Rent to Own’) is quickly becoming a popular strategy amongst would-be home-buyers as well as investors, and you can also discover valuable advice on rent to buy in our blog and a dedicated rent to buy section, with much more to follow. A warm welcome to the world of property lease options .

Curious about the Power of a Lease Option?

If you are curious about lease options, you have come to the right place. We have a wealth of lease option experience and are sure you too can benefit from the power unlocked by a lease option.

Before you read any further it may be good to pause and consider what brings you to Lease Options Made Simple. Ask yourself, “What am I hoping to discover here?” No doubt, you want to know how to invest in property using lease options avoiding the potential pitfalls. Are you one of the many investors frustrated with a lack of mortgage finance. Using a lease option skilfully is key to controlling property without the burden of ownership. Imagine knowing how to ‘buy’ property without a mortgage, a huge deposit or personal finance! Well, that is exactly what lease options can do for you. By learning lease options you will discover how to create cashflow now and secure your future financial freedom.

Investing in property need not be a dream, it is perfectly possible for you whatever your current situation. You simply need to harness the power and magic of property lease options. Of course, property investing means a considerable measure of hard work, so be prepared! Lease options are not a ‘get rich quick scheme’.

Lease Options – Why the Growing Interest?

It’s no secret that the phrase “lease option” is creating quite a buzz, and becoming ever more popular as a way to invest in or secure property for your own use. Investors and home-buyers want to know about property lease options. Why? What makes so many serious investors search for lease option training from experienced property option experts? Here are four top reasons:

Lease Options Give Control of Property – Without the Burden of Ownership

  • A lease option can enable you to generate a monthly income from property you babysit but don’t own.

  • Lease options are wealth creators, since they funnel capital growth to benefit you.
  • Used well lease options are a near perfect property investment strategy since you don’t need huge resources to get started.

    A Lease Option Can Solve a Stubborn Property Problem

    • The problem-solving power of a lease option is in its flexibility.
    • News about your lease option approach to property problems spreads like wildfire, resulting in huge referral business.
    • Because

      property lease options revolve around people, you get personal satisfaction in providing solutions.

    • As a professional property problem solver your skill is in high demand, people are willing to pay for your lease option skill.

    Sell Investment Property with Rent to Buy for the Best Price

    • Rent to Buy is a solid, simple lease option strategy which works well even in slow markets.

  • Rent to Buy attracts serious, committed, responsible tenants with a home-owner mentality – a refreshing change!
  • Rent to Buy maximises your cashflow and can turn an ailing property portfolio right around.

    Own Your Dream Home Using Rent to Buy

    • Rent to Buy allows you to rent now and buy when you are ready.
    • Rent to Buy gives flexibility in choosing the best finance at the best rate at the best time, you rent until you own.
  • Rent to Buy allows you to avoid hefty fees associated with a more conventional purchase.

    Lease Option Property and Your Personal Wealth

    If you’re here because you understand that property investment can create wealth, then we warmly encourage you not to rush away. Spend a little time with us. You will discover exciting insights and gain vital experience about lease option investing and avoid the cost of the painful mistakes we have made. There should be profit and fun in lease options.

    Armed with reliable, simple and practical lease option know-how you will have the confidence to use these investing strategies with skill. Much of what you’ll learn here is specifically for the UK property investor, but you will benefit by applying the principles discussed wherever you are from.

    Lease Options Made Simple and You

    At Lease Options Made Simple we want to help you stay ahead. That’s why we are sharing our experience and expertise. We’d also love to hear about your success, so please tell us about what you are doing, and what you need from us to move forwards. There are many resources here don’t be shy about visiting our shop. where you will find our Lease Options Investor Handbook. hot off the press.

    Property Lease Options Blog

    Get bite-size, fun and informative snippets of property option expertise here. We warmly invite you to add your comments, questions and thoughts.

    Property Lease Options Events

    Wendy and I are not planning any more Lease Option events in 2012 – but want to focus much more on doing the business and helping our students succeed. Now is such a good time to be growing a profitable portfolio!

    Learn Lease Options

    If you’d like to work with us, we are here to help. Get ready for an enjoyable, enriching and fascinating lease option journey! Don’t forget your copy of the Lease Option Investor Handbook!

    P.S. We’d be delighted to add your feedback to our site – why not comment below?

    P.P.S. If you like what you see, please consider giving a Facebook ‘thumbs up’ for property lease options ! how to lease a home
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