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How to lease a warehouse

how to lease a warehouse

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Determine the type of work zone you will be attempting to cool. There are several things to consider before purchasing any equipment. Will you be cooling a specific area of the warehouse consistently, or will different areas of the warehouse need to be cooled at different times depending on the work flow? What is the physical make-up of the area to be cooled, ceiling height, square footage, and number of workers present?

Install large overhead fans in areas that will need to be consistently cooled. One such manufacturer is Big Ass Fans (yes, that is company's name) which produces a line of economical fans that can efficiently cool large open areas with a single unit. These units cannot be used in areas with

low ceilings but are a great solution in large open spaces like docks or packing areas.

Purchase fixed fans for areas with low overhead clearance. These fans can be mounted on columns or walls. In areas where the fans will need to be permanently present it is better to mount them; fans on pedestals often mean electrical cords to trip over, and the pedestals can block traffic aisles. Mounting the fans higher also helps the units cool larger areas and more workers.

Purchase portable fans that can follow the work throughout the warehouse. Depending on space limitations, some of these roll-around fans can move great amounts of air and cool large work spaces. There will be the need for electrical cords, but with portable units this is unavoidable.

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