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Why Buy Beats Online from BeatsKnock?

Why buy beats from BeatsKnock? – That is the question that every visitor should know the answer to when visiting our site. We are here to help you with  your career and increase your chances of getting signed! “How?!” We are fully trained musicians, songwriters and engineers that have been producing music for a little over 9 years now. We are a Team of Experienced Producers that have the capability of producing any genre.  We have the ability to give you Beats ranging from Pop Beats, Instrumental Rap Beats, Hip Hop Beats, R&B Beats, Dance Beats, Dubstep Beats, Reggae Beats and many more! We have what you need to help you succeed in the Music World!

Listen to our Production before you Buy Beats Online from BeatsKnock!

Buy Beats Online The Right Way!

We will give you the best opportunity to buy beats online the right way! The Quality Music you hear are the same beats that have been handed to the hands of Jay-Z, Kanye West, 50-Cent, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and many other artists! These are the Beats that have been REJECTED by all of those Big Named Artists and we give you the opportunity to use them!

How much do the beats cost!?

We normally get around $5,000 to $25,000 for each beat; but we will give you a limited time offer at only $25 per beat! YES! You can buy beats online from us for only $25 US Dollars “Twenty Five Dollar Beats Online”! We are also giving a lot a FREE BEATS! So make sure you check out our Free Instrumental Downloads section of this site!


Why are we selling High Quality Beats Super Cheap!? – With many sleepless nights and broken promises our beats have been overlooked by so many Big Named Artists and Record Labels.  From meetings and late nights in the Big Apple. Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta and other cities; landing major placements was very difficult for us and it took a lot of mental and physical hard work to keep going. Not to mention the

fact that we weren’t even getting the right percentages or any credit for our consistent hard work. With all the blood sweat and tears that we have invested in trying to make it in the music industry; we were only given breadcrumbs of the pie! We were considered the talented musicians and producers that did NOT Make it in the Music Industry” . We have been rejected by so many Record Labels, A&R’s, Managers, Executives, Producers, and Artists themselves! We know how it feels to STRUGGLE and SACRIFICE EVERYTHING for a DREAM that seems so far fetched! We know how it is to work a SECOND JOB and just so you can afford to pay for public transportation, gas money and STUDIO TIME! We have gone through everything trying to chase this dream because we believe that we deserve a chance to be heard! If you are reading this; chances are you are either an artist, a rapper, a producer, a singer, songwriter or someone that knows how it feels to give it everything that you have and receive a little or nothing back in return! Or maybe your music career hit a road block and its not going into the direction that you want it to be. Or you possibly just might be new to this music world and have the awesome talent but don’t know where to start! All we have to say is…

…you did not land on this page by Accident! You are here for a Reason!

Yes! There is a reason why you are here! You are here to DOWNLOAD our FREE INSTRUMENTALS and receive our tips & tricks on how to market yourself as a recording artist and a producer. We want to give you TWO FREE INSTRUMENTAL DOWNLOADS to try Risk Free! We hope that this Gift will mark the beginning of our road to SUCCESS together! We want to give you useful tips and secrets that will help you learn more about the music business. The information that we provide is targeted to give you viral music marketing ideas that will teach you the formula on how to go viral with your music. 

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