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Noble Metals Extraction Systems answers the needs of both the greater mining industry and the small miner by offering onsite analysis, management, complete portable processing equipment and laboratory services. Previously, there was no established place for the miner to take their first run head ore, black sands, conc or slag.

Site Determinations: On site evaluation. Laboratory Analysis using a Chain of Custody to assess prior or new ore sample. Complete metallurgical work up from a qualified and known industry laboratory.

Arizona, USA

From guided gold prospecting trips to helping you stake a new claim or evaluating a claim you are considering purchasing we can help. With over 10 years of gold prospecting experience you can do business or pleasure with us with confidence. We offer personalized prospecting tours and have equipment for every type of terrain found in Arizona, wet or dry. We have drywashers, dredges, detectors, and other custom built equipment to help you get the most gold out of your trip.

If you are beginning prospector we can help you learn how to prospect using various methods including panning, drywashing, dredging, crevicing, metal detecting and other methods.

Our Research Center offers a wealth of information on gold prospecting. We can even advise on equipment repair, fabrication, and modification. If you are in search of information our Books and Research Center sections will provide you with a wealth of information.

Drill Sharpening Service

Drill bits from 3/32" to 1/2"

Carbides And all other drill bits sharpenable

Same day service availible

For Appointments or more Info

Call: 1-(928)-399-0277 or


(Date Posted: 2-2-07)

Colorado, USA

5226 Windgate Ct

Colorado Springs, CO 80917, USA

Tel & Fax: 1-719-550-3892


We are a mining and exploration service.

Medusa Geo-Consulting is a company to provide specialized geological services to mining and exploration companies in the USA and Internationally. Medusa offers a geological database that can assist other groups and individuals, particularly "Rock Hounds"' to improve their search for a particular mineral in the field reducing both time and cost; satellite image processing and GIS.

Also specializes in online services for clients who need geological and investment information on their mineral properties and/or concessions.


Multilingual Consultant For Mexico

I am offering my services to anyone interested in any of the following: I've been involved in a variety of mining activities for over fifteen years; to include mineral research and exploration, setting up placer operations, exploring for diamonds & gold and non metallics, operating suction dredges for gold, buying raw gold & gemstones and ore concentrates, all work was done in Latin America. I also have info on mine dumps and placers in Mexico. I have also set up companies and negotiated for clients. I am fluent in English /Spanish and know how to move and get things done in the areas I've worked.

Email me and I'll let you know if I think I can be of help. I'm open to talk about anything.


Scotland, UK

Dredge Sampling

Available for small gold dredging/sampling operations in the UK/Europe. Two experienced dredgers/hookah divers, based in Glasgow, with a Keene 5" Production Dredge and 110 Landrover Defender for rough terrain. If you have a requirement for gold dredging/sampling in the future, we would be happy to hire our services to you. Our rig is capable of sampling/processing 9 cubic yards/hr to a depth of 20'. We have dry suits and a clean compressor for two divers.

E-Mail "Terry" <>

Web Sites of Special Interest

289 34th Street N.

St. Petersburg, FL 33713 USA

Ph: 1-727-321-5728 or Toll Free 1-800-269-9629

An online and nationally televised auction company that hosts Gold Claim auctions on Sundays @ 8:00 pm EST. They also auction prospecting equipment, gold, silver, gems, jewels, etc. Vewers will love it and are sure to get a great deal should they decide to participate in an auction! They can also do "buy it now" if they see something they want and it hasn't been reserved for an auction.

Contact: Jason Inks

Ph: 1-509-389-5024


This web site was created to help reduce claims inventory held by organizations and individuals which for various reasons did not fit each owner's particular operating program. Most often, these claims have never been mined very much beyond routine sampling and assessment work. The information regarding each property is correct as supplied by those persons who have controlled the mining claims during the past several years. The claims offered for sale on are guaranteed to be up to date with cl ear title or your money back.

Observations From The Mountains of Montana

An information resource for Montana gold. Articles on how to pan to discussing the local gold fields.

Also a great place to locate claims for sale in Montana.

Whether you’re a mining professional or somebody with a general interest in mining, Connect Mining will give you an insight and a connection to the mining world.

Think of Connect Mining as your very own communication platform where you can learn about the mining industry, read the latest mining news, read and create your own mining related blogs, leave comments, get involved in mining forums, find new mining businesses, investment opportunities, mining jobs, events, websites and much more.

Up-to-date news, forums, real-time chat, blogs, mining events, jobs, investment listings, mining company listings, educational articles and mining-related web sites.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ph: 1-385-218-2138


Gold Mining Claims for Sale

We are Gold Rush Expeditions. We survey, claim and sell gold mines in Idaho, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. We specialize in lode/hardrock mines! Visit our website and check out our inventory.


Mining clains and properties for sale, lease, or joint venture.

Many claims available in the US, Canada, Mexico and around the world.

Mine database includes lode, placer & patented claims, turnkey mine listings and mining joint ventures.

With the record metal prices, now is the time to mine your own business!

17700 S Golden Road Ste. 106

Golden, CO 80401 USA

Ph: 1-303-277-1578 or 1-303-582-5041


Patented mining claims & gold claims for sale. Claim staking and re-monumenting services available.

Google Earth Gold Mine Prospecting Software

MineCache & Google Earth for Mapping Gold Prospecting Locations

- MineCache is a Google Earth add-on that turns your pc into a virtual online gold map. MineCache lets you visually map locations where gold has been found in the United States. MineCache is easier to use than Geocommunicator for mapping BLM mineral mining claim data in Google Earth. Use MineCache as a online gold map tool to help you narrow down your gold prospecting locations or to help you find existing gold mine locations.

- Members can research and view historical gold locations from the USGS AND current BLM mining claims in Google Earth (BLM data on minecache is updated every 2-3 months).

- MineCache is free for a seven day trial period. Subscribe to MineCache for a year with full access to the mine overlay data in Google Earth. Simply put, for the price of a cup of coffee every month you can have the ability to visually search for mining claim data in the lower 48 anytime you want using the powerful earth viewer Google Earth.

Mines for Sale, Mining Claims, & Mineral Properties for Sale, Lease, Lease Purchase, or Joint Venture.

Free site for mining owners and brokers. Listings are Worldwide from Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, and more.

Patented, BLM, 43-101 Compliant, Proven and Probable Reserves.

Find all types of mines for sale worldwide.

Site will be listing all types of mines, but expect that gold mines will be the largest catagory of mines listed.

(This is a new web site going up. This should turn out to be a great asset for the moden claim/mine owner.)

There is a great need for mine safety training. There are over 10,000 active mine sites with roughly 50,000 miners and well over 50,000 contractors in the USA. California has over 556 active mine sites with well over 2500 contractors and 2500 + miners. All are required to complete MSHA annual safety training and MSHA initial new hire training under MSHA 30 CFR Part 46,47,48 and 62. Mine operators and contractors serving the industry are still struggling to meet the requirements of MSHA training regulations.

Our online MSHA training is the only complete training system available in the USA! I invite you to consider providing our MSHA training to help the mine operators and contractors meet their training needs. By doing so you will enhance your community by provide world-class safety training for an often forgotten sector of business in California.

If you would like a personal demo of our MSHA Training Online please email or call Ron McHaney, CSP, President of McHaney and Associates, Inc. at 509-468-1575/ 509-468-0759/ email: Call or email us for Log-on information for the demo website.

Sheridan, Oregon

A place to list gold claims for sale, mineral claims for sale, mining claims for sale. This claims for sale listing service is sponsored by US Gold Maps is a highly trafficked site visited by persons interested in Gold Claim Locations,

Gold Mining and Gold Prospecting.

If you're looking for the ultimate in treasure hunting adventure.

If earths history, geology, & the prospect for finding good (to great) gold intrigues you & you're hungry for a new activity that provides perfect diversion for getting out of the city noise.

Spending time on your own beautiful gold property can provide you with some of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime.

We, at The Claim Post, offer some of the most incredibly rare first-class gold properties for purchase on some of the richest gold-bearing rivers in the west.

For those of you who seek a little more personal, individual gold mining experience in a seemingly endless panorama of sparkling clean rivers & beautiful mountainous forest-lands.


Ph: 1-303-827-3311

Please forgive us if (when you call) you receive our answering machine.

Office hours vary as much of our time is spent in the field.

If we miss your call, please leave your name and number. We will return your call as soon as possible.

I/O Art McConahy

P.O. BOX 97

Fort Jones. CA 96032 USA

Contact Art

Ph: 1-530-505-4013


Please be patient waiting for replies. I'm out prospecting. but I will reply to your message within one week. Thank you

Northern California gold mining claims for sale, lease or rent. We personally research all of our claims and guarentee the mining claims are gold bearing, free of leins or conflicts, are properly recorded with the County and BLM and are properly marked.

Support; pays all transfer fees. Yearly maintenance filing instructions. Help with NOI. POO, dredge permits. And a Klamath National Forest Map (with your claim highlited.)

Miners Wanted

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International and local mining jobs portal

StaffMine International Mining Jobs Portal was founded with a view to providing value added International job advertising and job searching services to the mining and related industries. The mining jobs portal will assist you in sourcing quality candidates for exploration jobs, mining jobs and processing operations. Our organization includes professionals who can fulfill your resource and change requirements. At StaffMine we believe each client and candidate is unique and tailor solutions accordingly. Add your details to our mine supplier listing, post jobs or submit your resume today .

- Mining employers subscribe to advertise mining jobs locally and internationally. Jobseekers submit resume, search international mining jobs.

- Jobseekers announce your availability and submit your resume to Employers that visit this site. Employers can contact you directly as soon as a suitable position becomes available.

Claims: wanted or trade



Claims: rent, invest or partnership

Atacama region, Chile

Six mining properties for sale. lease and / or looking for partners as small investors. Gold. Copper and Rare Earth.

Minimum investment per person $10,000 USD

Maximum investment per person $50,000 USD

Ask for list and details writing to


(Date Posted 2-17-15)

Alaska Gold Mining Company Finds Gold Source.

An Alaska mining company has found the gold source that continues to rejuvenate its creeks. The area has been mined over the last 100+ years and continues to produce gold. Within the last 5 years of exploration and over $12,000,000 invested, we have found that the gold has come from newly discovered VMS’s in the area. The claims show a conservative figure of 3,800,000 troy ounces in gold reserves, with a recovery cost of only $198 per ounce. Considering serious investors or buyers only. This offer will not last long due to the potential for a huge return.

There will be a confidentiality agreement signed before disclosure of the area.

You can contact us

American entrepreneurs looking for investors for placer gold operation in Ecuador.

The project we are on now is producing .5 grams per cubic meter of gravel. We have Located a large tract 20 miles from our present Mine with 2 grams per cubic meter of gravel the property has never been mined. We would like to raise money to assay this property again and if it is half what was assayed in the past we feel this would be a very good project. There is over 250 acres of prime placer ground along the river we would be willing to give investor 40% of the project, if 335,000 USD is invested, if the assay is .4 grams or better.

We are all Americans involved in this venture except for the geologist. Conservative estimates this property will produce 125,000 grams a year assuming this property assays at .4 grams which is very conservative.

Contact Bill Lanphar


I will supply all required docs. If you decide to look further you can have a very exciting vacation in Ecuador and see the project and meet the people involved

(Date Posted: 6-25-10)

Aquamarine claim near Mt Antero

90 year old aquamarine claim turned out to be a 16 acre ancient supervolcano core when I looked at it thru aerial photography. Claim is re-filed- lookin' for minin' partners, especially in the area. I helped write the mapping technology and I know where there are several more of more or less the same thing. Not as obvious, and further in the backcountry, but they're there. I'm a contractor and from around there- intending to move back sometime. Obviously, it would be better to try to claim all the formations. That would pretty much take a helicopter for a few days and lots more fees. I have all I can handle and more now, esp financially.

I'd like to hear from someone with cash or experience or both. The deal is from the ground up- I'm a contractor, a mildly disabled 11B vet, I have 8 yrs of college and some rec mining experience but that's about it. I have a $10k surety bond for contracting. OR CCB#189001.

Contact: Chris Furney

PO Box 161

Alsea, OR 97324 USA

Ph: 1-541-487-4032


Ph: 1-541-754-6111.

(Date Posted: 8-14-11)

Cameroon, Africa

Gold Dredging Operation farm in partner

• Five Hectre claims along a very rich gold bearing stream

• additional 100 Kilometers on Lom River

• gold, diamonds, Silver, Rare Earth Elements and platinum values

Joint Venture Partner Wanted

$350k - $500k+ USD required

-An experienced American gold dredging operator needs $350k to $500k Cameroon in equipment and operation expenses, in order to expand mining operation. Company has set up a corporation there with one partner a Cameroonian, whom he has worked with for six years and had success in the mining sector primarily trading gold and diamond. They have multiple properties to mine and have access to other good mining properties nearby. They have a Gold/Diamond/Mineral Export license and need to purchase additional 8 inch dredges and additional separation equipment. We would like two to four 8 inch dredges so in total we are processing 30-60 tons per hour of pay gravel.

-Ideally the investor will be hands on partner who is interested in mining himself. As a shareholder he can use their license to be an independent contractor to be present on property. A major international mining company has started dredging on the Lom River with (2) 8 inch dredge and estimates that they will recover 3-6+ kilos (conservative numbers) of gold per month and test samples of the bedrock gravels averaged .5 to 84 grams of gold per yard with an average is between 1-5 grams. Our company currently owns three vehicles – 2 suv – 1 truck, prospection permits, two six inch dredges, one 2.5 inch backpack dredge, camping gear, etc. The dredges we plan purchase are from Keene (8) inch 8195D the 95 HP diamond and gold dredge. The six inch dredges will not arrive in Cameroon until late January.

50/50 split on production – five-ten kilos will break investor even, not counting diamond or any other metals recovered. These dredges will last a long time and we will sign an evergreen partnership with investor. Gold is 89% pure.

Contact: Alex Powers


(Date Posted: 11-27-11, Updated 12-30-11)

Delore Mining And Milling Co - Southern Nevada

Palladium, platinum and gold mining claims for sale, lease, lease purchase or joint venture / serious inquiries only.

Looking for mining companies or mining investors. All claims are located in an historic mining town. The township was prospering before the world wars and President Roosvelt's ban on gold hoarding. After the Roosvelt administration banned the hoarding of gold this Nevada mining township was bought by private citizens. Until recently very little if any mining was done on the closed claims. Today, with the price of metals sky rocketing there has been a renewed interest in the old mining districts by major and junior mining companies as well as investors.

The particular mining township I am offering mining claims in is an untapped resource for precious metals. I need to sell, lease, lease purchase or joint venture with a mining company or investor as there are far too many rich claims for one miner to work.

I am a mining consultant as well as a miner and will offer my consultating services with all claims in this township.

Contact: Don Griffin 1-702-370-5826 or Gayle Griffen 1-702-526-0141


(Date Posted: 10-28-14)

Claims: sale or lease how to lease gold

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