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How to load paper in credit card machine

FIRST DATA is leading the industry with a compact new credit card terminal. With one of the fastest terminal transaction times in the industry using either an IP / DSL or a dial-up connection. It's called the FD-100 and is sure to surpass anything you’ve encountered. The next generation in credit card terminal technology. With 64 MB of memory it allows higher transaction counts for high volume merchants. Also providing greater programming flexibility and more software options, compatible with the ViVopay® readers, industry support for the quick service restaurant market, contact less transactions and enhanced functionality with gift card and purchase card capabilities.

The FD-100 is the ideal credit card machine to meet the fast paced demands of today's merchants in a retail environment. Touch tone screen, demo mode for training new employees and a complete off line IP diagnostic system. Plus modular USB ports that are compatible with industry standard peripherals including additional ports for gift and smart card readers, PIN pads, ViVopay®, check readers, bar code, wands and other devices, add versatility. The credit card machine automatically identifies commercial cards and will prompt with the proper fields to help the merchant qualify for the lowest possible rate. Tip program, Purchasing Card Level I and II, the government & corporate card program, State Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) programs are available. The batch history reporting allowing

users to retrieve details from their last eight batches, for speed and convenience of book keeping.

FIRST DATA achieves continued excellence by offering an added value terminal without adding cost. The future is the FD-100, retail credit card terminal. Here are just a few of its many features and benefits:

1. Built-in thermal receipt printer, prints crisp, legible, credit card receipts and reports quickly and quietly at 15 lines per second. Simply drop in the roll and go, a clam shell paper loading system.

2. Fast and efficient transaction time using preprint and pre-dial capabilities linking to your merchant account.

3. Full reporting capability provides easy access to all credit card payment information, including both totals and details for all payment types, including tips.

4. Tip Program, the terminal can print a non credit card receipt that includes the pre-tip blank space and the server ID so the customer can write in a tip amount and total; the receipt then would be handed back, along with the card, for a normal card transaction.

5. Diagnostic program, complete IP diagnostic program with a built in phone line, for the dial-up back up feature.

6. Fraud Protection: A locking mode terminal security feature that keeps unauthorized users from gaining access.


(Limited Time Offer.)

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