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Mortgage Loan Processing School: How to Choose

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Many community colleges across the U.S. offer mortgage loan processing certificate programs. Mortgage loan processing is also a potential career for those holding a Bachelor of Business Administration. These programs help students meet the state standards and provide the skills students need to advance in the real estate financing field.

How to select a Mortgage Loan Processing School

Students interested in a career in mortgage loan processing can enroll in programs offered by community colleges and 4-year colleges and universities.

Summary of Important Considerations

  • Program length and career goals
  • Field experience opportunities
  • Licensure requirements

Program Length and Career Goals

For those changing careers or desiring quick employment, many community colleges offer mortgage banking and loan processing certificate programs. On average, these programs require between 19-23 credit hours.

Most 4-year, accredited colleges and universities across the U.S. offer Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs with a concentration in management. Students who earn a BBA in management can be qualified to become loan-processing managers. Bachelor's programs prepare students for careers in real estate financing and banking through courses in microeconomics, real estate, loan processing and mortgage processing.

Field Experience Opportunities

Internship opportunities are typically included in both certificate and BBA programs. Field experience opportunities enable students to gain experience using up-to-date loan software, working with prospective borrowers and understanding loan processing procedures.

Licensure Requirements

Licensing requirements may also be considered when choosing a mortgage loan processing program. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( ), federal regulations mandate that mortgage loan officers must be licensed to work. To become licensed, applicants must complete at least 20-credit hours of coursework and pass a background check, as well as pass an exam.

Mortgage Loan Processing Program Overviews

Loan Processing Certificate Programs

Certificate programs in loan processing provide students with the theoretical knowledge to gain entry-level employment in banks, brokerages and mortgage companies. Students can expect to study:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

A 4-year degree program in management provides students with the leadership and strategic thinking skills to guide clients through loan applications. Students gain hands-on experience in mortgage loan processing for global markets through internship opportunities. Core courses typically include:

  • Organizational behavior
  • Organization theory
  • Business ethics
  • Strategic management

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