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How to make a credit card reader

how to make a credit card reader

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DIY Credit Card/Magnetic Stripe Reader

From hackedgadgets comes a DIY Credit Card/Mag stripe reader:

“Using a card reader that was purchased for $1.50 Mondo Technology used a PIC12F675 to bring it to life.

“The unit provides the magnetic head on a spring mechanism along with low lev…

JJ Says:

I can think of all sorts of use for this thing. (Most of them are not legal )

David Jones Says:

Like to activate my credit card not using my bank that issued the card,how can i activate i

t,and start using it can anyone from the hackedgadgets help.Or where can i get a credit card reader ata

a very low price.

Hi David,

Sure you could do that but then the card that is swiped will have different numbers than the one presented, possibly even a different type (Visa instead of Master Card). What you would need to do is use a Reader/Writer unit. Read the card to be cloned and write it to the target card.

Something like this should do:

If you look around you should be able to find cheaper ones, note that I have no idea of the quality of this one (I just searched for one).

JJ Says:

JJ can you help

mate as you have said you can think of all sorts for this card.Tell me more i need to know i will keep you informed as soon as things starts happening. Just remember the card need to be activated first and i can’t activate it myself so i think you know the score.

Build your own Portable Standalone Magnetic Card Reader;

* Track 1 & 2

* Bi-directional readings

* RS-232, 3 wire, 2400bps

* Visual Good/Bad swipe indicator

* Stores only good swipes

* 256KB (512KB optional)

* Fully tested under Windows 95/98/2000/XP and Linux !

* Includes the Smallest Reader ever seen, dimensions are:

Length: 1.693″ (43mm)

Height: 0.902″ (22.9mm)

Height: 0.902″ (22.9mm)

You will get the PCB (everything soldered), download cable schematics, PC software and the smallest reader as described above for only $125 (United State Dollars) plus shipping.

E-mail to sas [AT] noend [DOT] com for payment information.

>>>The full source code and schematics are also available for sell

MikE Says:

Does anyone have a program/link to get my ACR30 card reader going besides the device drivers that i’ve already installed?

david Says:

I have a credit card reader that connects to my pc, from credit card services, how can I use this tool as a hack?

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