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How to make a paper credit card

how to make a paper credit card

Things You'll Need

Joy Card Holder

Take a 4-inch thick piece of Styrofoam and cut it to the dimensions you want--16 inches by 12 inches is a good size. Paint it in a Christmas color. Paint about 23 craft sticks in red, white and green. Paint your letters--one white, one red and one green. This will talk a little time as you will have to paint one side, lay them down to dry and then paint the other side. Let everything dry for an hour or so.

Run a bead of glue around the outside of your Styrofoam and wrap your 4-inch ribbon around, sticking it to the glue. Use straight pins to keep the top from curling or anywhere you think it needs holding down. Use your hot glue gun and glue a paper clip to the top end of each stick, not hanging over the stick. Break three sticks in half, put glue on the broken end and push up into your letter--half a stick for each letter.

Poke the sticks for the letters into the front of the Styrofoam and then pull it back out. Drip some glue in and put some on the stick and put them back in with the letters facing out and spelling JOY. Do the same with the remaining sticks with the paper clips on them with the paper clips towards the back so they are concealed. You can put these sticks in at different levels, so some of the cards will be held higher than others.

Decorate with your holly and berries. Take off two holly leaves and some berries for each letter. Put the two leaves together with the berries in the middle. Glue them on.

Place the remaining sprigs around the bottom to spruce it up. You should be able to just stick them in the Styrofoam, but you can use glue to get them exactly where you want them. Now all you have to is put your cards in the paper clips.

Hanging Card Holders

Cut a 4-inch-wide Christmas ribbon to the length of your door trim. Turn the top over 1/2 inch and sew it so it doesn't fray. Take your thin red ribbon and loop through a paper clip. About 3 inches from the top of the wide ribbon in the center, and sew on the thin ribbon loop. Do this with another every 3 inches all the way down your wide ribbon. At the top of the ribbon, sew or glue a big bow and on the bottom cut an upside down V. Make another loop from your thin ribbon and sew on the back at the top to hang. Place your cards in the paper clips.

Hang a garland around your entertainment center or just across the opening to another room. For a quick hanger, use paper clips to hold your cards on the garland. Take a little more time and use a hole punch to punch a hole in each card near the center on the back. Use your thin red ribbon and put it through the hole and tie it to the garland.

Decorate your garland in between the cards with some artificial Christmas greens or flowers. You can also use candy canes between them. The weight of the candy will pull your cards up and make them stand out. Tie the same red ribbon around each candy cane and hang them on the garland.

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